Did To Tell the Truth's Double Twist Blow Your Mind a Bit?

ABC’s To Tell the Truth this Thursday perhaps pulled off TV’s best one-two punch plot twist of the week, so I am here to talk about it rather than catch an extra half hour of sleep.

In the final segment of this season’s third episode, judges Thomas Lennon (Reno 911!), D’Arcy Carden (The Good Place), Alfonso Ribeiro (AFV) and Andrea Savage (I’m Sorry) were tasked with determining which of three Women of a Certain Age had served as a pregnancy surrogate for one of their childred — meaning, they gave birth to their own grandkid.

Which is, in and of itself, interesting and all. Sure.

But after the guesses were locked in and the real grandma surrogate was revealed — SPOILER ALERT, it was the woman on the far left in the photo, who carried a baby for her son and his husband — To Tell the Truth did that thing it does, introducing us to the two imposters.

Well, No. 3 announced herself to be Cassandra Peterson. And if you hadn’t recognized her already, her name alone surely gave you that extra nudge. Because she is Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (sans a certain amount of makeup and underwire)! It’s been some years since I’ve seen Peterson out of character, so that one got me good.

That was a plenty fun twist by itself. But To Tell the Truth was not yet done. Nope.

Imposter No. 2 then went on to identify herself by pulling off her (somewhat obvious) wig, and — holy callback, Batman! — it was the same woman from this episode’s opening round, a bona fide master of disguise who used to work for the CIA. We and the judges (and a gobsmacked host Anthony Anderson) had just met her not 45 minutes earlier, and she pulled the wool (or, synthetic hair) right over our eyes with this end-of-show encore.

For a show that is not Press Your Luck, To Tell the Truth dealt quite the series of whammys. Were you watching, and what did you think?

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Baked goods recipe: Flapjack and shortbread recipes that require 4 ingredients or less

Baked goods can be difficult to make and can require lots of ingredients. However, appliance expert Russell Hobbs have shared a range of simple but delicious recipes including shortbread, flapjack and meringue. They all require four ingredients or less which you probably already have in your kitchen cupboards.


  • Carrot cake recipe: How to make carrot cake

Many people prefer to home bake rather than buy goods from the shop as they know exactly what has gone into their baking.

The fewer the ingredients it takes to make a delicious bake, the less time it’ll take and the less work it’ll require.

These recipes include ingredients that you will probably already have stocked up at home.

Flapjack Recipe

• 250g porridge oats
• 125g butter
• 125g brown sugar
• 2-3 tbsps golden syrup

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius.
2. Place all ingredients into a food processor and pulse until fully mixed, but be careful not to oversize making sure the oats keep their texture.
3. Lightly grease a baking tin with butter and spoon in all the mixture
4. Place in the oven and bake on 180 degrees until golden brown (about 20 minutes)

Not only does this recipe require few ingredients, it also has simple and quick steps, meaning the preparation time for this bake could be as little as 10 minutes.

You can even add a thin layer of chocolate onto the top if you wish to add a little extra.

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Nadiya’s soda bread recipe: How to make Bake Off legend’s soda bread

Shortbread Recipe

• 125g butter
• 55g caster sugar, plus extra to finish
• 180g plain flour

1. Heat the oven to 190 degree celsius.
2. Beat the butter and the sugar together using a hand mixer until smooth.
3. Stir in the flour to get a smooth paste.
4. Turn on to a work surface and gently roll out until around one cm in thickness.
5. Cut into rounds or fingers and place onto a baking tray.
6. Sprinkle with caster sugar and chill in the fridge for 20 minutes.
7. Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes, or until pale golden-brown.
8. Set aside to cool on a wire rack.

Although this recipe requires more steps, it only includes three ingredients so you know exactly what is going into your bake.


  • Dough ball recipe: How to make the Pizza Express classic

Shop bought shortbread usually has preservatives added to them, allowing them to stay fresher for longer.

This bake will keep fresh if stores in an airtight container.

Meringue Recipe

Although meringues tend to be tricky to master, these simple steps should create the perfect meringue.

• 4 egg whites
• 100g caster sugar
• 100g icing sugar

1. Preheat the oven to 120 degrees celsius, and line a tray with baking paper.
2. Sift the sugars and set aside.
3. Whisk the egg whites in a bowl until fairly stiff.
4. Add half the sugar and continue whisking until smooth and stiff peaks have formed.
5. Lightly fold in the remaining sugar with a metal spoon.
6. Spoon or pipe the mixture into 2cm deep circles.
7. Cook on the lowest shelf for around one hour.
8. Cool on a wire rack.

When whisking the mixture, it is important not to stop until stiff peaks have formed.

If the mixture is still slightly runny, the meringues will spread on the baking sheet and will end up flat rather than crispy shells.

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Myka Stauffer Said Son Was ‘Not Returnable’ Before Rehoming Controversy

Change of heart? Myka Stauffer made some big declarations about her adopted son with autism, Huxley, before announcing his rehoming.

In a January 2017 YouTube video, the internet personality, 32, opened up about choosing to adopt Huxley despite a doctor’s warnings. “If anything, my child is not returnable,” she said at the time. “So when I heard all of the things that that doctor was telling us, it kind of went in one ear and out the other. I wasn’t in a state of denial.”

Stauffer explained that she spoke to her husband, James Stauffer, after finding out about Huxley’s neurological diagnosis. “I accepted and took on everything that she said, and I sat down with Jim and I said, ‘You know, worst case situation, if our little boy at one point in his life, he needs to be in a wheelchair and he needed full on care, would you still love him?’” she recalled. “And we without a doubt in our minds, we knew, no matter what state he came to us that we would love him.”

The YouTube star noted that the news “didn’t scare us” but instead “solidified that this is more our son than he has ever been and we don’t care what’s wrong with him.” She continued: “The only need that our little boy has is, he needs his mama not to be scared but needs his mama to come on and get him home so that he can have a nice family that really, truly cares about him and is not scared of what an MRI or CT scan says.”

Myka then reiterated that the diagnosis would not change their feelings toward Huxley. “He’s our son and that’s that,” she concluded. “We’re not gonna trade him in, we’re not gonna return him. He’s our boy.”

Myka and James faced criticism on Tuesday, May 26, after announcing that they gave their son to a “new mommy” three years after adopting him from China. “There’s not an ounce of our body that doesn’t love Huxley with all of our being. There wasn’t a minute that [we] didn’t try our hardest,” she said. “And I think what Jim is trying to say is that after multiple assessments, after multiple evaluations, numerous medical professionals have felt that he needed a different fit and that [with] his medical needs, he needed more.”

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Sara Bareilles Sings ‘Little Voice,’ the Theme Song for Her New TV Series – Watch Now!

Sara Bareilles is writing the music for the upcoming Apple TV+ series Little Voice and she just performed the theme song on Instagram Live!

The Grammy-winning singer originally wrote the song for her debut album, which was also called Little Voice, but she was told by executives that the title track wasn’t good enough for the album.

Sara has kept the song in her back pocket this whole time and now it’s the theme song for the upcoming television series.

The Little Voice series is going to premiere on Apple TV+ on July 10. The show stars Brittany O’Grady “as Bess King, a uniquely talented performer struggling to fulfill her dreams while navigating rejection, love, and complicated family issues.”

The show is executive produced by Sara and her Waitress collaborator Jessie Nelson, as well as J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot Productions partner Ben Stephenson.

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Family of Harry Dunn to bring private prosecution against Dominic Raab over dealings with case – The Sun

THE family of Harry Dunn are bringing a private criminal prosecution against Dominic Raab over his dealings with their son’s case, it emerged last night.

Mr Dunn, 19, was killed while riding his motorcycle last August in a head-on collision diplomat’s wife Anne Sacoolas, thought to be a CIA employee.

She had pulled out on to the wrong side of the road after leaving a US intelligence base at RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire.

She claimed diplomatic immunity and returned to America, and was later charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

Mrs Sacoolas has apologised over the crash but is refusing to return to the UK to face justice.

But Mr Dunn’s distraught family now claim that the foreign secretary broke the law and his office allowed the suspect to flee the country.

His dad Tim Dunn said: “We need this for everybody to know how the decisions were made and why the procedures and guidelines weren’t followed and for me to get some justice and a bit of peace.”

The family’s spokesman Radd Seiger told Sky News: “There’s a very clear rule that it’s for the police to establish who has immunity.

“That rule was broken and we allege it constitutes a serious instance of misconduct in a public office.


“That effectively stopped their investigation and we say that amounts to perverting the course of justice – two potentially serious crimes.”

A private prosecution is a prosecution started by a private individual who is not acting on behalf of the police or other prosecuting authority.

The US State Department has previously said returning Mrs Sacoolas would be highly inappropriate.

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Kelly Rowland Is Learning to Cook in Quarantine: I'm Not 'Very Good'

Kelly Rowland is using her time spent quarantined amid the coronavirus pandemic very wisely! More specifically, the “Coffee” singer is learning how to be a better cook and baker while cooped up inside with her husband, Tim Weatherspoon, and their son, Titan, 5.

The former Destiney’s Child member, 39, partnered with Betty Crocker for the #BettyBringstheParty Sweepstakes. The brand is giving away 1,000 birthday baking kits, complete with delicious cake mix, decadent frosting and must-have party decor through Friday, May 29, and five lucky winners will also receive a personalized birthday message from the star.

“I feel like between the frosting and the cake alone, it definitely brings a smile to anybody’s face, but I love the fact that we’ve partnered up because I’m such a fan of singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and calling people and bringing smiles to people’s faces right now, especially of course during the COVID crisis,” Rowland told Us Weekly exclusively on Wednesday, May 27. “It just ups the ante.”

The Grammy winner added: “It just makes you feel like you’re in the right place with the right people and the right time. Betty’s bringing the party and I’m a part of the party. I’m excited.”

Though the Atlanta native feels comfortable whipping up “cakes, cupcakes and cookies,” there’s at least one pastry she’s not quite ready to tackle just yet. “A girlfriend of mine just sent me a pie recipe and I sent it back to her because I was like, ‘I don’t know what the hell to do with the crust if I tried!’” she told Us. “I’m not a very good cook, so I always need a little bit of help and that’s why me and my son always resort to Betty Crocker classics.”

When it comes to cooking savory dishes in quarantine, Rowland revealed she’s made fish and “really mastered” a specific salad recipe. “It’s so simple,” she explained. “It’s just salmon with spinach and avocado.”


You KNOW I’ve been trying my hand at baking while we’ve been home these last couple months. #ad That’s why I’m so excited to help @bettycrocker celebrate five lucky people’s birthdays this summer with the #BettyBringstheParty Sweepstakes! 🎉 Go to BettyCrocker.com or stay tuned for my stories for a chance to win a complete Birthday Baking Kit or even a SPECIAL personalized birthday shout out from ME!Shout out to all of the summer birthdays coming up!! 💃🏾 🎉

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While “soulful” oxtail rice and gravy is another one of the “Motivation” songstress’ go-to dishes these days, she’s aware that there’s room for some culinary improvements. “I’m trying,” she shared. “I mean, I have nothing else to do in quarantine, right? I have to learn how to cook!”

Aside from honing her skills in the kitchen, Rowland has used this time to bond with Titan in new and interesting ways. “We are doing different projects. … We play hide-and-seek in the house, we draw, we just chill,” she said. “We play games.”

For a chance to win the #BettyBringstheParty Sweepstakes, fill out this entry form. Winners will be selected on Monday, June 1.

With reporting by Carly Sloane

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The Bachelor’s Chris Soules & Victoria Fuller Are Getting More Serious!

Former The Bachelor star Chris Soules is “exclusively dating” Victoria Fuller, who was a contestant on this year’s installment of the reality series.

The two stars have been quarantined together at his home in Iowa and now Us Weekly has reported that their relationship is getting more serious.

“She is still quarantining with him in Iowa,” the source told the outlet. “She drove to visit [a friend] who lives in Des Moines over Memorial Day weekend but is now back with Chris.”

Chris and Victoria haven’t made their relationship Instagram official yet, but she has shared several photos from inside his home during the quarantine.

Chris was the star of season 19 back in 2015 and he got engaged to Whitney Bischoff, but that relationship was short-lived.

Ben Higgins, who is one of Chris‘ longtime friends, says he was shocked by news of their relationship. He said, “Chris is a good buddy of mine. We’ve stayed friends and we’ve stayed in communication through his ups and downs and through my ups and downs. I will tell you this, he has not confirmed or denied to me as a friend if this is happening. … I don’t know her, but I’m shocked that it happened.”

Click inside to find out why Ben doesn’t think they might be the right match…

“I wish he would talk to me about it,” Ben added. “Victoria seemed a lot more outspoken than Chris. Chris is a super quiet, shy guy. He has a great family. He’s really good at what he does. He’s a great farmer, and I didn’t see that side of Victoria. That doesn’t — none of that relates with her.”

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NCIS New Orleans plot hole: Pride committed major error in series pilot

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The third NCIS series continues the legacy established by the popular legal drama JAG from the 90s and early 2000s. Moving the action down south, NCIS: New Orleans introduced a brand new team headed by Dwayne Pride (played by Scott Bakula). Despite his years of service, the resourceful team leader committed a strange blunder in the CBS series’ opener.

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NCIS: New Orleans is the newest member of the NCIS family, with its thrilling first season airing on CBS in 2014.

As the procedural action drama wrapped up its sixth season last month, the spin-off has remained as popular as ever, pulling in over five million viewers per episode.

Unfortunately, the series was forced to cut production four episodes short due to the coronavirus pandemic shutting down TV shows across the States.

Thankfully, in May 2020, the series was renewed for a seventh season, production of which will get underway once lockdown restrictions have been lifted.


  • NCIS fans convinced San Diego spin-off is happening

Fans have been assured the unanswered questions and earth-shattering cliffhangers left dangling by the three NCIS series will eventually be resolved.

Now NCIS: New Orleans, alongside parent shows NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles, are undergoing an unexpected hiatus, fans have been returning to some earlier favourites.

Best known for his leading role on Quantum Leap in the late 80s and early 90s, Scott Bakula returned to small screens as a leading man for the newest NCIS spin-off.

He was first introduced in the series pilot, Musician Heal Thyself, in which a murder investigation turns personal when the body of a Petty Officer is revealed to be a former gang member whom Dwayne Pride once mentored.

During one key scene, Pride and the team are analysing the severed leg of the Petty Officer before his identity has been revealed.

Although the new location and cast are introduced with signature NCIS style, the experienced Pride fell foul of an embarrassing forensic blunder, as one fan took to discussion forums to point out.

They said: “To identify the owner of a severed leg, Pride asks Loretta if she can guesstimate the body’s general build by the foot’s boot size. A much simpler way would be to swab for blood where the leg was severed and run it through the military DNA database.”

No NCIS team is complete without a forensics specialist, and Coroner of Jefferson Parish Loretta Wade (CCH Pounder) fills the role for the New Orleans branch.

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Although she provides expert analysis throughout her tenure on the show, ‘guesstimating’ the general build of an entire body based on the size of the severed leg’s shoe seems like a very unreliable starting point for identifying the murder victim.

DNA tests are a lengthy process, but the heightened world of NCIS has frequently demonstrated using a blood swab to pinpoint the leg’s owner wouldn’t have been a problem.

After this significant blunder in the opener of the spin-off, other fans found even more forensic mistakes in the next episode, titled Carrier.

One viewer spotted: “In the forensics lab Carol Wilson is saying to others that the rat caught on the ship is healthy. In the ensuing conversation the respirators they are wearing are so ill fitting as to be pointless – Carol’s mask does not even touch her nose.”


  • NCIS New Orleans: Why did Sonja Percy star Shalita Grant really leave?

Luckily, these severe blunders haven’t stopped NCIS: New Orleans from becoming yet another successful spin-off from the original series.

After JAG co-leads Catherine Bell and David James Elliott made surprising appearances in NCIS: Los Angeles, there have even been rumours of a third NCIS offshoot hitting CBS, set in San Diego.

Dwayne Pride finally reconciled with his estranged wife Linda (Paige Turco) in the premature season six finale, so NCIS fans are more eager than ever for the series to return to screens.

NCIS: New Orleans is available to stream on CBS: All Access now.

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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: The Story Behind LL Cool J's ‘NCIS’ Theme Song

NCIS:Los Angeles star LLCool J plays Senior Special Agent Sam Hanna on the hit CBS show. One thingyou might not know is LL Cool J also wrote one of the theme songs for NCIS:Los Angeles. Here are his behind-the-scenes revelations about the making ofthat song.

LL Cool J was asked to write a theme song for ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

The CBS team wanted LL Cool J to lend his musical talent. Thisresulted in him recording the song “No Crew Is Superior.” He teamed up withproducer and songwriter Tricky Stewart for the song.

“I was asked to create some music for the show,” LL Cool Jtold CBS during a 2010 interview. “I went to my go-to guy, someone that I trustand believe in. A phenomenal producer, Ticky Stewart.” Stewart is known forproducing Rihanna’s Umbrella, Mariah Carey’s Touch My Body, and Beyoncé’sSingle Ladies.

Stewart told CBS that LL Cool J has been his idol for years.“He probably doesn’t know this, but he’s always been an idol of mine. So even beyondsome of the records that I’ve done, this has been a tremendous honor for me.”

LL Cool J wrote the song on the ‘NCIS LA’ set

LL Cool J needed some inspiration for his song, so he decided to write the theme while he was working on the NCIS LA set. “We wanted to get together and create something for NCIS that was really cool but still true to what I do and true to what he does, and true to the music,” he said. “I wanted to write it while I was on set because I really wanted it to represent that energy and that feeling. I was in the character; I was in the zone.”

LL Cool J hides a few Easter eggs in the ‘NCIS LA’ theme song

LL Cool J made a point to insert elements from NCIS LA into the song. This resulted in some memorable lines. “You know my character drives a Dodge Challenger in the show. So, I said [in the song] ‘I’m a challenger dodging in a Kevlar vest,’” he told CBS. This song shows that LL Cool J can rap about anything. He even had a line about the software the characters use on the show.

“I talked about Lockheed Martin,” LL Cool J said in his CBS interview. “They brought in software created specifically for the show.” In that line of the song, LL Cool J says, “I swear I coulda been a engineer at Lockheed and Martin, but I was rockin’ the Garden when math class was startin’.”

This theme song sounds a lot different from theme songs you’re probably used to hearing. LL Cool J says he tried his best not to make the song sound like other TV songs. “I just really wanted to make sure that we made a real joint, you know, not trying to make some sort of hokey TV theme song that’s not real. I wanted to something that I love.”

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