26 times the royals made us laugh while playing sports – see hilarious photos

The royal family is known for many things (impeccable style and impressive homes, for starters), but they’re also heralded for their sporting prowess.

From Kate Middleton’s excellent tennis skills to the Queen’s passion for horse riding, they have a few sporting tricks up their sleeve – and they’re always willing to try their hand at something new. Take Prince Charles for example, who tried his hand at American football for the first time this year at the grand old age of 73.

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The royals often look most at ease while sporting, resulting in some of the most natural, candid snaps of the famous family. Scroll down for the funniest photos of the royals mid-flow in everything from rugby to rowing. 

1. The Duchess of Cambridge forgets which sport she’s playing

Kate was dressed for football… but appears to be practicing her ballet

2. Prince Charles puts his back into it


Prince Charles might not be in his cricket white, but he certainly seems to know what he’s doing!

3. Sophie Wessex glams up for bowls

Given that bowls is among the most placid sports, the Countess of Wessex is certainly giving it her all! 

4. Duchess Catherine gets a lift

We hope those rugby players were careful with Duchess Catherine! She sure looks apprehensive to be in the air…

5. Kate is suspicious of William’s skills

William is known to be a football fan, but his wife certainly doesn’t seem convinced of his prowess…

6. Meghan Markle can’t get over son Archie’s jersey

The Duchess of Sussex was clearly overjoyed when she was gifted a mini jersey for son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor at a Boston Red Sox game.

7. Kate Middleton shows off in front of hubby Prince William

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was clearly proud of herself as she and Prince William tried their hands at hurling and gaelic football in Ireland. Beat that, boys.

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8. Prince William dresses appropriately for a game of football

Because apparently we all wear a suit and shirt for a kickabout, eh Will?

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9. Kate Middleton aims her shot

Katnis Everdeen watch your back, is all we’re saying.

10. Meghan Markle conjures up a floating ball

Wingardium leviosa, she says.

11. Prince William is ever the gentleman

Will gave Kate a good chance at beating him in a race at the Olympic Park, London.

12. Meghan Markle nails her wizardry

See? Magic Mike or Magic Meghan?

13. Kate Middleton has a ball

See what we did there? Ball? Laugh? Love the outfit, Duchess.

14. Kate Middleton reassures Will she’s a sailing superstar

Her boat race says it all. Pun intended.

15. Prince William and Kate Middleton set a new fashion trend

It’s the yellow hats for us.

16. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle plot tactics

The Duchess of Cambridge and Sussex shared ways to bring Murray down at Wimbledon in 2018.

17. Prince Charles concentrates

The art of archery is all in a deep frown and big grin, apparently.

18. Kate Middleton protects her modesty

The Duchess of Cambridge rocked an appropriate red skirt suit and heels for a game of cricket.

19. Prince William kicks like his life depends on it

Go for it, Wills.

20. Prince William harnesses his inner yogi

Just look at that flexibility.

21. Kate Middleton gives Emma Raducanu a run for her racket

We’re not sure if Kate or Charles’ concentration face is more intense.

22. Prince William makes wife Kate Middleton jump

Fog horn in the face. Classic.

23. Prince Harry does his best Hulk impression

Give it everything you’ve got, H.

24. Prince Harry gets low

The Duke of Sussex has clearly nailed the squat life.

25. Sophie Wessex masters magic trick

The Countess of Wessex balanced a ball on her fingertips while making it hover with power from the other hand.

26. Meghan Markle brings out her competitive side

Nina Dobrev had no chance in a charity American football match.

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