Cleaning-mad mum shows how coconut oil can scrub crayon off walls, get gleaming shower screens & clean ovens

COCONUT oil has long been praised for its cleaning properties – with many ditching traditional cleaning products for the pantry favourite. 

But proving just how versatile the pantry item could be, one mum shared a video on Facebook revealing the many ways the wonder product could be used around the home – and the results are amazing.

Coconut oil – who knew?!

After coming across the video on Hometalk's Facebook page, the woman shared the clip with her cleaning-obsessed pals in the Mrs hinch cleaning tips new Facebook group.

The video revealed that a mixture of equal parts coconut oil and baking soda makes for the perfect home-made multi-use cleaner.

After making the mixture, simply scoop it out using a microfibre cloth and get scrubbing on any surface you deem necessary – and it works so well.

But to avoid a greasy residue from remaining after scrubbing, you will have to wipe down excess with a clean cloth – and the result is squeaky clean, brand new surfaces.

The video reveals up to 14 uses for the natural cleaning product including polishing brass door handles and hinges, cleaning shower screens and removing crayon marks from white walls.

The oil could also be seen removing grime from cookware, making glass shine again and polishing shoes.

But it seems there are plenty more uses for the natural cleaning product with many people offering up suggestions on how they use the oil in their homes.

One resourceful person said: "My toothpaste mix is coconut oil, baking soda, bentonite clay, calcium and magnesium powder and peppermint essential oil"

And another thrifty woman shared: "I used coconut oil to 'stain' the doors in my home. Went over it a couple of times to get the colour I wanted."

While another revealed multiple uses for the wonder oil, she said: " I make a body scrub using coconut oil, unused coffee grounds and sugar. I put it in my coffee and also in my dogs food –  Does wonders for dogs, immune system, joints, coat, etc."

Recently, one savvy mum recently hailed the product as the best solution for cutting through grime on her shower screen, and shared snaps of her handiwork to the Facebook group to Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips New. 

She claimed cleaning the bathroom used to be one of her most hated jobs, but it’s now ‘effortless’ after ditching traditional cleaning products for the natural remedy.

She said: "So I've only been part of this group for a few days and already picked up a brilliant tip using coconut oil! So pleased with the results.

“It's one of my most hated jobs. This was pretty much effortless!

But rather than mixing the pantry item with baking soda, this mum simply put a spoon of coconut oil on a sponge, rubbed it over the glass then used a clean, dry cloth to buff off.

More than 150 people liked her post, amazed at the results – and so are we.

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