Cult skincare brand releases oil control moisturiser that banishes breakouts

When Sand & Sky’s Oil Control cleanser sold out in just 72 hours, it seemed like too hard an act to follow.

However, the Australian skincare brand has just released a new product that promises similarly dramatic results.

Designed to combat breakouts while keeping skin hydrated, Oil Control Clearing Moisturiser breaks the mould.

Some treatments targeted at acne can damage your skin barrier, leaving you with a flaky and irritated complexion.

Additionally, those that strip the skin of all traces of sebum can be counterproductive – and actually cause you to produce more oil than before.

Sand & Sky’s moisturiser is a different breed, enriched with Australian medicinal plant Old Man Weed, BHA, and prebiotics, calming as it clears blemishes.

Lightweight and fast-absorbed, the cream harnesses the power of soothing botanicals and sebum-controlling actives in a non-greasy formula.

Joining the Oil Control Cleanser and Mask from the brand, it’s free from fragrance and alcohol, rebalancing your microbiome and hydrating oily skin.

In tests, the range delivered an impressive 60% reduction in pore size, 29% decrease in skin inflammation, and 28% reduction in sebum overproduction.

By using the Oil Control range regularly, you could see results in as little as a week.

One reviewer wrote: ‘Highly recommend this cleanser. Cleared my skin within one week and prevented new breakouts.’

‘On the first use, it improved my skin’s appearance! Less red, skin feels tighter and clean,’ said another happy customer. ‘I haven’t had any new acne since using and my marks are fading.’

Sand & Sky is known for its clay masks and use of Australian botanicals, becoming a cult favourite for no-faff, easy-to-use formulas.

So if you want to slimline your skincare routine without giving up on bright, clear skin, the brand is a great place to start… just make sure you get your favourites before they sell out.

Buy the Sand & Sky Oil Control Moisturiser for £34.90 here – and use discount code MAIL15 at checkout for 15% off your order.

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