Customers Report Less Breakouts and Smoother Skin After Using This Coffee Scrub

We know the energy-boosting benefits that come with enjoying a cup of coffee, but that same household staple is also great for the skin. Drinking too much of the popular pick-me-up can cause premature wrinkles, but when coffee grounds are incorporated into skincare products, you should notice firm, more moisturized skin.

As for where to start on your great coffee skincare journey, one product has earned the seal of approval from multiple customers. According to UpCircle, customers purchase a tube of its Coffee Face Scrub, available in multiple herbal blends, every three minutes. Yep, by the time you finish reading this article, it's likely that someone has already added this "amazing" scrub to their cart.

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"Coffee can do wonders for our skin," Dr. Susan Bard of Vanguard Dermatology in New York City previously told InStyle. "It is loaded with antioxidants, which are said to help slow down premature aging." 

UpCircle combines its coffee with shea butter, as well as rosehip and jojoba oils. When combined, the ingredients left one Ulta shopper ready to recommend the Herbal Blend scrub to just about everyone. "Love this product! It's one of the nicest scrubs I have used, leaves such a nice glow after and keeps your skin feeling hydrated. Will definitely buy it again." Customers on Verishop also shared their "magic results," writing that their skin looked "incredible" and noticeably smoother.

Anna Brightman, UpCircle founder, explained how coffee grounds work once they're applied topically to the skin: "Caffeine has natural anti-inflammatory properties which help to calm swelling and redness. High in antioxidants, coffee grounds are a potent free radical fighter, protecting skin against premature aging Antioxidants help repair the damage caused by free radicals including spots, wrinkles and fine lines."

Customers attest to the scrub's power, with one writing on Verishop, "I'm obsessed with this and so glad I gave it a try. I love how natural it feels and smells on my skin. The results have been amazing too, no breakouts since using it. I have less dry patches and my complexion looks much brighter." 

Another Ulta reviewer wrote of how their experience with this scrub differed from using similar items in the past. "The difference in my facial skin is incredible. My skin feels smoother and soft to touch, a lot less oily and no spots have appeared since using the face scrub. My complexion is brighter and clean looking. Also, the face scrub does not leave your skin red or sore after use," they shared.

Add some more caffeine to your morning routine and improve the look and feel of your skin with a tube of this popular coffee scrub, available on Verishop.

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