Drew Barrymore Just Recommended A Hand Mask That Will Save Your Dry, Parched Skin

While washing your hands is the best way to get rid of the germs you pick up from literally everything you touch, frequent hand washing can make your hands hella dry and rough-to-the-touch. So much so that your go-to moisturizer isn’t doing the usual trick. That means it’s time to call in a reinforcement. Drew Barrymore’s got you covered. She’s a huge fan of the Repairing Cica Hand Mask from Aveeno.

Repairing CICA Hand Mask Aveenotarget.com$2.69SHOP NOW

If you’ve never tried a hand mask, you’re missing out. It’s like a facial for your hands. The Aveeno mask is made with a bunch of hydrating and nourishing ingredients like shea butter and prebiotic oats. These two ingredients, specifically, restore moisture to dry skin, so you can say bye to that top layer of flaky skin.

Unlike your moisturizer which may take some time to settle in, this hand mask provides hydrating relief in just 10 minutes. The mask comes in the form of gloves. To use it, you simply wash and dry your hands and then slip the gloves on for 10 minutes, and you’re done. Pro tip: You can pass the time by getting some chores done. Drew used the hand mask while washing dishes, taking out the trash and cleaning her daughter’s bathtub.

So many customers agree with Drew. You’ll love how soft your hands will feel after treating them to this mask. Just ask this customer.

“First of all I HATE the feeling of dry hands!! So when I saw this I grabbed one!! My boyfriend ruthlessly made fun of me but I decided to do the hand mask and a face mask… I was so surprised when I removed the “gloves” my hands were so soft and hydrated!!”

It may even help you get rid of those stubborn dry spots once and for all.

“Not only were my hands soft immediately after but the dry spot I get on my right knuckle in the winter that ends up scabbing continued to heal for the following week after. My dry spot still has not reappeared after a month.”

You can get this repairing hand mask from Aveeno from Target for just $2.69.

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