Drew Barrymore Launches New Blue Light Glasses: 'Now I Care About Wellness in a Whole New Way'

Drew Barrymore is expanding her Flower Eyewear line with a new addition of stylish spectacles.

Barrymore, 47, caught up with PEOPLE at the launch of her new Blue Light collection for Flower Eyewear on Friday. She explained that the idea for the new specs, which features seven styles with yellow-tinted lenses to help absorb blue light from screens, came about in an effort to highlight self-care.

“I wish people were going to be on their screens less, but my prediction is that they will not be,” the Santa Clarita Diet star told PEOPLE. “We’ve been in that category now with Flower for several years and I didn’t even need glasses when I started it. Now I need them because 40 is different than 45 and I loved designing them. 40 to 45, I have to start caring about wellness in a whole new way. So if there’s something we can do to protect ourselves, wellness and eyewear is such a fun story for me.”

Part of Barrymore’s wellness journey includes finding balance, and at Friday afternoon’s launch event, that meant having daughters Frankie, 5, and Olive, 7, in tow.

“I never usually have my kids come to an event because I’m very private about them, but I’m in a testing phase right now,” Barrymore said. “That’s a moment where I’m like, do I have balance? Am I doing all things wrong? I think it is healthy to question everything, but try to come up with some answers. Don’t stay in question phase, answer it. That is balance.”

Balance also applies to parenthood. Barrymore admits her daughters love doing “makeup every day all day long,” but, “it’s not my battle.”

“My battle is: Are you kind to people? Are you keeping yourself?” the Golden Globe winner said of how she prioritizes what to teach her kids.

So when her daughters come for her makeup, “I just let them,” Barrymore said. “I can’t work in makeup and not. They make messes when they put it on — Olive will do mascara right before bed and I’ll worry, ‘What’s your teacher going to think when Alice Cooper walks in?’”

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