Home expert’s genius cleaning hack to leaving your home smelling great has people divided | The Sun

WANT to leave your home smelling incredible? The secret may be to use cinnamon.

A home expert has revealed she sprinkles cinnamon on her floors before hoovering it up to leave her house smelling great.

TikTok user @carolina.mccauley shared some tips for cleaning “smarter not harder”.

She wrote: “Sprinkle cinnamon on the floor.

“Makes your vacuum smell nice.”

Many people were intrigued by the spice hack, and it has certainly divided opinion.

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One interested person said: “But the question is, does it REALLY work? Because if it does you just solved half of my problems.”

However, one sceptical person said: “Cinnamon will really mess up your vac in the long run.”

Another added: “Do NOT use cinnamon.”

Carolina’s video also included two more tips.

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She explained: “Shaving cream can help remove mattress stains.

“Apply, wait 20 mins, stains will be lifted.

“Use toothpaste to clean white shoes.

“Finish with a damp cloth for extra shine.”

These tips went down better, with one person replying: “i cleaned shoes with toothpaste, it works.”

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