I get hundreds of pounds worth of free cosmetics every year – I never pay for makeup and here’s how you can do the same

A WOMAN has revealed how she gets hundreds of pounds worth of free beauty products by working as a product reviewer for Boots.

TikTok user Chantelle shared a video revealing the pricey products that she is sent to test out, including perfumes worth over £100.

Captioning in the video, Chantelle says: “I test and review items for Boots.”

She revealed that she is part of the Boots review panel, and shared the long list of products she had already been sent to try out this year alone.

The latest thing to land in her letter box is a Giorgio Armani My Way eau de toilette, worth a whopping £103.

Chantelle shared a second video where she explained to followers how they too could become a reviewer.

You simply need to visit the Boots website and type in products you have recently purchased and can leave a review for – Chantelle points out you don’t necessarily have to have bought them in Boots.

You then need to log in or sign up to a Boots account and start leaving reviews for just about anything and everything, with Chantelle admitting she does so for sanitary towels.

She recommends leaving as many honest reviews as you can, which will get you noticed by the website’s moderators.

Chantelle did exactly this and was contacted by Boots, asking her to become a product reviewer.

The video has since received over 2.5 million views, with her followers thanking Chantelle for the tip.

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