I jetted to Turkey for a £16k mummy makeover to fix my saggy boobs & lumpy belly, the pain was horrific but worth it

THERE’S nothing like starting off the new year, with a new and improved version of yourself.

Whether it’s making a change physically or mentally, it is always great to know you are about to start the year bettering yourself.  

And clinical support worker Nina Ragnar, 37, who is mum of three from Manchester, has revealed she is doing exactly this.  

She is planning on unveiling her ten thousand pound mummy makeover at Christmas and New Year parties after a year of surgery.

She says: “Each of my children were born via c-section so I was left with weakened stomach muscles and scarring which caused lumps and bumps.

“Before I had my children I was a size 12. 


“However after each baby the weight became harder to shift and my focus was totally on my 

children, and my marriage started to fall apart. 

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Nina gained the pounds so much her clothes went up to a size 22 and she was hitting the scales at 20 stone. 

She says: “It made me feel dreadful. I hid underneath oversized clothes and hated my body.

“In May 2018 I was having trouble keeping up with my kids, walking up stairs and just playing with them in the park.

“I couldn't go to theme parks because I was banned from going on the roller coaster with the kids.

“That’s when I decided to lose weight.”

Instead of eating the leftover kids meals, Nina swapped pasta and fried food for salads and fruit and vegetables, and exercised daily.

I couldn't go to theme parks because I was banned from going on the roller coaster with the kids

She says: “Over three years I managed to lose nearly eight stone. The weight loss however left me with swatches of loose skin.

“I weighed less but I had loose skin around my face, and boobs sagging down to my belly button and it made me feel fat.

“In lockdown last year I planned a surgical mummy makeover in time for Christmas 2021. 

“I knew I’d need time to recover because I didn't know how successful each procedure would be.

“I connected with people online who’d had successful surgery in Turkey and they convinced me.” 

In June Nina flew there and in one operation she had her internal stomach muscles damaged by four c-sections repaired.

She says: “The surgeon then did a vertical and horizontal tummy tuck. 

“I had excess skin cut away and the surgeon did extensive liposuction on my front and back to give me back my natural curve.

What did Nina’s £16k mummy makover include?

Eight dental implants and crowns to give the perfect smile

Lip filler

Vertical and horizontal tummy tuck

Breast uplift

Eyebrow tattooing

Cheek filler

Tanning sessions 

Hair extensions

“During the eight hour procedure I had a breast lift and rebuild.

“When I woke up my granny breasts were replaced with perfect 36EE boobs and it cost me £5000.”

Three months later she flew back to have her teeth done as well.

She says: “It cost £4000 but it was worth it as I hadn’t properly smiled in years.

“I also spent a further £1500 on fillers, and permanent makeup. 

“I was no longer a frumpy mummy, I was back to a size 12 with curves in the right places.

During the eight hour procedure I had a breast lift and rebuild

“My marriage fell apart but my surgery has empowered me to take on a new chapter in my life.”

This Christmas she  can’t wait to put on a party dress and see friends and family.

She says: “I feel like I am starting a new chapter and Christmas is the time to celebrate that.

“But it’s important you don't expect to look like Kim Kardashian. Set reasonable surgical goals and be prepared for pain.”

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