I’m a big girl & I get treated differently to skinny friends – men keep me a secret and even pals are rude about my size | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman explained how she is treated differently to her thin friends and how men often try to keep her a secret when they are dating.

Influencer Tyler Marz took to TikTok to share some of her experiences and plenty of other women found them relatable.

Tyler explained that she is often ignored or passed over by men and that her friends can be rude about her clothes too.

In the short video, she said: 'Let's talk about all the weird things that happen when you're a bigger girl.

"When you meet a new group of guys for the first time and they introduce themselves to every other girl in the group and skip over you.

"Or if they do acknowledge you, they'll give you that s***ty limp handshake while looking in the other direction. Don't want to make eye contact with the fatty!

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"When store employees ask every other person in there if they need help finding something, but not you.

"When you're out with a bunch of people and you're hungry but no one else is hungry so then you don't want to eat because – of course the fat girl is eating.

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"Having irrational fears about showing up to parties for the first time – are they going to let me in or am I too big?

"When someone asks to borrow some clothes and then they're just so ridiculously shocked about how massive it is on them.

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"Last and not least and my personal favourite – when a guy tries to keep his relationship and his attraction to you a secret."

The video was so popular that it's been liked more than 2.4million times and has amassed more than 31k comments.

One person contributed: "When you buy veggies and they ask if you're on a diet."

Another said: "And then skinny people try to yell us they get 'skinny shamed' too – yeh maybe but at least you exist."

A third said: "When the only compliment you'll ever get is about your eyes."

Another added: "But if you bring any of this up to the skinny friend you're just making things up or being dramatic."

While another said: "I wish skinny friends would understand this. I try telling them some of these things and they are oblivious to it."

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