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A FASHION whizz has revealed the five easy hairstyles that will take years off your face.

Just like make-up and your outfit, how you style your hair changes the overall appearance – one mistake and you can easily appear older and more frumpy.

Luckily, there are a few simple hairstyles that will make you look ten years younger, according to one fashion lover, Erin Busbee.

The savvy fashionista, who recently also revealed the top styling mistakes women make, took it to YouTube to share the Dos and Don'ts of everything hair.

Offering a helping hand, Erin said in the video that this was particularly ''geared'' for those with medium length or longer locks.


The first tip, which she promised would ''make you definitely look sexier and more youthful'', is ditching the sleek hair look.

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''What you want to do instead is tease the crown of your hair, tease your hair around the front.''

As teasing can cause a lot of damage, make sure to this as gently as possible, without ripping out the hair out of your head.

With extra volume achieved in less than 30 seconds, your hair will now look more youthful, vibrant and modern, she explained.

''It's just more flattering in general.''

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''Instead of the stick straight ageing hairstyle, let's throw it half up,'' the whizz advised.

Not only will this easy trick take years off your face, but the hairstyle keeps hair out of your face and is very functional, according to Erin.

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''It's very feminine and pretty,'' she described the half up, which takes less than three minutes to do.


''Many of you may think that over 40 you can't really wear a ponytail anymore.

''I think you can and I think it looks fabulous.''

To make the heading-to-the-gym or dropping-kids-off-at-school ponytail more chic and elegant, there are a few easy tweaks to try.

To conceal any bald spots, Erin recommended using a powder or a eyeshadow close to your hair colour and applying it on the areas where it's needed.

For those wanting more volume, just grab the crown section and gently pull it towards the front.

Another simple yet effective trick that will elevate the look is taking a small section of the hair and wrapping it around the hair tie.

''It is a thoughtful hairstyle, but again, effortless.''


''I think it's very youthful and effortless, and cool and sexy to have loose waves.''

To achieve the sexy look that will also make you appear younger, Erin explained that it's all about the right tools.

Using a thick curling wand, she started roughly three inches down from her roots at the widest part of the barrel.

''I might hold for like ten seconds instead of 30 if I were doing a tighter curl.

''With the pieces that are framing your face, […] I would definitely do those away from your face.

''The rest of the hair, dealer's choice. You can alternate, you can do them all away, you can do it all toward.

''However you feel most comfortable.''


The last on the list of the five most youthful hairstyles was an up do.

Although the sleek low bun has been all the rage recently, for those who want to appear younger, Erin suggested swapping this with a high topknot bun.

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It doesn't need to be all neat either – a messy bun works wonders too.

''You can also pull out pieces, face-framing pieces around the side of your head.''

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