I’m a Gen Z mom who is canceling Christmas for my kids – I won't lie to them | The Sun

A GEN Z mom has divided people online after revealing how she will not be lying to her children about Santa Claus.

Sierra McKenzie, 23, who regularly posts anti-Santa sentiment on her TikTok channel, said she wants the celebration “to be about being about the gift of giving to one another.”

And in order to do that, she believes parents must remove Father Christmas from the equation.  

“Telling kids that Santa is real is a lie, and I don’t believe in building my kids up on a lie,” she told the NY Post.

"Your kids can still enjoy the magic of Christmas without believing in Santa."

Sierra added that she would not be taking her kids for pictures with Santa or including any presents under the tree from St. Nick.

After all, “the magic of Christmas shouldn’t be built up on Santa,” she said.

It turns out that many Gen Z parents aren’t allowing their children to believe he is real, as evidenced by the hashtag #santaisntreal which has received nearly 19million views on TikTok.

Many parents have cited concerns that once their children find out Santa’s magic is a myth, they’ll be "traumatized."

One mother previously said she never tells her kids their presents come from the North Pole as her six-year-old frequently asks why Santa brings some kids lots of gifts, while others get nothing.

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While another, Chloe Amelle, said she does the same thing because she doesn’t like "the idea of her tots comparing their loot with other children.

It came as another mother, called Bailey, said she outright refuses to tell her children about Santa Claus – even banning them from have sleepovers.

And unsurprisingly, the mum was soon inundated with comments questioning her parenting methods.

"I loved Santa as a kid and can't wait to tell my daughter, it's all about using their imagination,” one said.

"Talk about robbing your kid of their childhood,” another claimed.

While a third commented: " I don't mind the no Santa thing! To each their own. But the 'I choose not to lie to my children' response is pretentious."

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