Katy Perry Wore 3 Very Different Maternity Looks For Her Pregnancy Announcement

On Wednesday, Katy Perry shared a cryptic message to her social media channels that read, “You are cordially invited to the premiere of #NeverWornWhite." She told her followers to head to her YouTube channel at 8:30 PM EST to chat with her before a video premiere 30 minutes later. With the text came a short video teaser: Perry in a dress made of flowers as well as a white off-the-shoulder gown, appearing to hold her belly with two hands. The clip might only have been three seconds long, but the internet was immediately abuzz with rumors that it might be Katy Perry’s pregnancy announcement. And as it turns out, the speculation turned out to be true. Perry revealed on Instagram Live that she and fiancé Orlando Bloom are, in fact, expecting a child this summer.

In the “Never Worn White" video, Katy wears only three looks. The first is an off-the-shoulder billowing white gown with an oversized caplet and lapel. Her second look is a true Perry creation, made entirely of flowers with a matching headdress. The last look, which comes only in the final ten seconds of the video, is a bustier top and cascading sheer skirt.

This highly produced birth announcement is so on-brand for the singer — you wouldn’t expect anything less. Another prediction you can bet on? Katy is sure to rock some killer maternity looks in the months to come, and the world is certainly waiting with bated breath to see them.

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