Man makes cute hot chocolate bomb for his girlfriend… but it’s such a fail people are in absolute hysterics | The Sun

PEOPLE have been left in hysterics after a woman shared a video of her boyfriend's hot chocolate bomb fail.

Erin took to TikTok to share the clip, which showed her other half sprinkling chocolate powder, mini marshmallows and Smarties into a chocolate Santa.

He then sealed up the Santa and put it in a cup, before pouring in some hot milk.

As he did so, the bottom half of Father Christmas slowly melted – releasing the contents – but the top half was much slower to do so.

"He looks like he's in a hot tub!" Erin could be heard laughing as she watched the Santa bob around in the milk.

The video concluded with Santa's head slowly melting into the milk, with Erin giggling hysterically in the background.

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"The effort was there!" she captioned her video.

And people were quick to take to the comments section to share their thoughts on the hilarious situation, with one writing: "I’m dying!!! great hot chocolate bomb, but Santa drowned in the hot tub."

"It looks like he’s in a hot tub and he just slowly sank and drowned," another laughed.

"did he just drown santa?" someone else asked, alongside laughing crying emojis.

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"damn that’s so funny!" another wrote.

But others insisted Erin's caption was unfair, and her boyfriend had succeeded in making one of the most successful hot chocolate bombs of all time.

"No but this is literally the best hot chocolate bomb I’ve ever seen!" one wrote.

As another added: "Tries? You mean he succeeded in making an amazing and hilarious hot chocolate bomb!"

"Why you hating on his hot chocolate bomb? This is one of the best ones I’ve seen," someone else insisted.

"this is perfect execution, don't know what you're talking about," another wrote.

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