Mrs Hinch super-fan says she cleans for SEVEN hours a day and get up at 6am on weekends to tidy

A MUM who spends seven hours-a-day cleaning says Mrs Hinch has made her proud to be a housewife.

Amanda Knowles, 42, from Beckenham, Kent, is a stay-at-home mum to Holly, 15, Oliver, 12, and Harriett, nine.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, the married mum-of-three said: "I spend a good seven hours-a-day cleaning and tidying.

"My favourite trick on a weekend is to get up early when the kids are asleep, about 6am. That way, I can get a good three hours in before the kids are even awake.

"I've got a carpet cleaner, so once-a-month I'll give the carpet a clean. I sound obsessive talking about it, but it is so rewarding.

"I know it sounds like the most boring thing in the world and there are some bits I don't like, like ironing.

"But I like pretty much all of it, just spraying things, smelling things. When the kids smell nice in the morning, I know I have done my job."

Amanda, who works part-time as a photographer, has always loved cleaning – but says she's ramped things up since discovering Sophie Hinchliffe over a year ago.

The cleanfluencer, who has 3.2 million followers on Instagram, has encouraged thousands of Brits to show off their homes of social media, taking cues from her glam grey Essex pad.

Amanda said: "I've always been pretty organised but since I started following Mrs Hinch on Instagram, it's been another level. You get so much inspiration out of it.

"She's lovely too, I've met her. Mrs Hinch has made me comfortable being a housewife.

"I feel lucky I can spend my day preparing food, organising and labelling.

"I'm lucky not to have to go to work and I can make sure the family have everything they need, when they need it.

"Stuff like tidying and cleaning my bathroom, I've never enjoyed it as much as I have since following her.

I used to say 'I'm just a housewife' but Mrs Hinch has made it trendy. I'm the lucky one because I don't have to work

"I used to say 'I'm just a housewife' but she's made it trendy. I'm the lucky one because I don't have to work. I am always, always busy.

"We've got quite a big house, it is five bedrooms and three bathrooms and I do it all alone.

"I am the queen of organisation, I am a maniac. We got our kitchen done in July and I designed the whole thing.

"It's not OCD, it's just an enjoyable hobby to have. I love, love, love it. I would live in my kitchen if I could."

A typical weekday sees Amanda waking at 6am and making croissants for the family breakfast, before taking her youngest to school.

Then she does a daily food shop, before coming back to start her cleaning and food prep.

She said: "I have lists for every day, you can't do all of this in one go. I do as much of the house I can do, then prepare the suppers.

"My family always have nice food, I spend a lot of time cooking.

"I make everything myself, my own candles, diffusers, wax melts and plug-ins. If I can make it, I will instead of buying it."

It's not OCD, it's just an enjoyable hobby to have. I love, love, love it

Amanda is also training for her 10th marathon, in Brighton in April, and spends a lot of time walking her dog – a puggle.

She said: "Every room has got pink, grey or white baskets with a label on. They're everywhere and I love it.

"Before, if I was running late for school and wanted a hair tie, it would be like 'ahhhh!'

"Whereas now there's a pot for everything. I've even got a school shoe shine box.

"I've got loads of tips off Mrs Hinch, like washing make-up blenders in a sock, and washing out the machine with vinegar.

"Some things are just common sense. Throwing Zoflora down the sink, then when you walk into your bathroom it smells lovely."

Despite her love of tidying, Amanda insists she doesn't stop her kids enjoying their home.

She said: "I occasionally have worried about them messing the house up, but I have to stop myself.

"Time goes by too quickly, I think you have to look at the bigger picture.

"They are messy in the sense they will come in and chuck their shoes or their bag, but they wouldn't spill something and not clean it up.

"I have all day to cram and when they go to bed, especially if my husband's away, I'll carry on into the evening, until about 10pm.

"I tell them 'leave it as you find it' when they go into certain rooms. But they are good, they don't really cause me any problems."

Amanda says she's suffered from anxiety in the past, but cleaning and running help keep her calm.

She said: "Some days, I'm just in a groove, then I'll go into my toilet and scrub it and make it all lovely. When I leave, I feel like I'm lifted.

"I haven't officially got a diagnosis of anxiety, but I do get myself into a fix.

"Before a run, I would get myself into such a pickle I would not even want to go.

"I worry about the kids when they're not home too, I do worry about things I can't control."

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