My nightmare neighbour tore down my fence while I was at work – he acts like he owns the whole street, I'm fuming | The Sun

WHO you get as a neighbour is a bit like taking part in the lottery.

Either you win big with someone who will take in your parcels and water your plants.

Or, more likely, you're left disappointed by the anti-social couple who play music at all hours of the day.

That said, we'd take midnight kitchen discos over what this woman is currently dealing with on a daily basis.

Sharing her dilemma on Reddit, the anonymous woman explained how she bought her "fixer-upper" house three years ago.

She wrote: "My neighbour is the original owner of his house and feels as though he controls the whole street."

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When she first moved in, the woman – who works as a nurse – says he was "sweet" at first and asked about what she does for a living.

After telling him about her shift patterns, the woman claims her neighbour said him and his wife would keen an eye on the house for her.

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She continued: "I took it as a sweet small town thing.

"A few times he mowed my lawn for me and when I said thank you or like if I could pay him, he was all like 'nah you're a nurse. It's crazy, don't worry about it.

"Again super sweet nice guy but little did I know what would come."

Last Monday, the woman says she was sleeping at 9pm when her neighbour knocked at her door.

The woman wrote: "He said we needed to replace the fence between our yards – okay yeah the fence is 40 years old.

"The issue is I fell in love with my house because of my yard.

"It has all these mature trees that flower and are GORGEOUS but some are starting to encroach on his property."

As a compromise, the woman offered to book an tree surgeon to cut back some of the branches and said she'd have it done in the next two weeks.

So tonight I came home from a long shift and he has torn out our fence. All of it.

Sounds sensible, right? Well even though she thought this sorted the matter, the nurse couldn't believe her eyes when she returned home from work the other day.

She added: "So tonight I came home from a long shift and he has torn out our fence. All of it."

When she confronted him about it, the man said he was going to "putter away" at putting up another fence in coming weeks – but didn't say how much it would cost.

She wrote: "At this point luckily my dad randomly showed up at my house and I was like dad come back me up.

"My dad then offered to come out during the week to help with the fence and the guy completely ignored him.

"I don't really know what to do at this point like I feel its messed up he demolished my fence without my consent when we discussed getting trees cut first and he hasn't even told me an estimated cost or what it's going to look like."

Needless to say, other members of the forum were shocked by the neighbour's behaviour and were quick to share advice.

One replied: "Get a surveyor out there ASAP to find the property line and try and get a quick fence up on your side.

"Sucks that now you gotta rush it so that he doesn't try anything."

Another added: "Don't offer to pay anything anymore.

"General rules are, neighbours agree to share costs. You didn't. He tore down the fence without your knowledge or explicit permission. He also refuses to discuss the style or costs.

"You are therefore not obligated to pay anything."

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Meanwhile, a third wrote: "You can tear a fence done in sections. You don’t need to rip the whole thing down all at once.

"In any case, that’s ridiculous."

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