Old Navy Sells a Pack of 50 Flip-Flops That's Perfect For Weddings and Completely Genius

Old Navy Sells a Pack of 50 Flip-Flops That’s Perfect For Weddings and Completely Genius

Once you get beyond the point in your wedding planning process of selecting a venue and a date, the number of ideas we all get for decor and entertainment seems to double by the second. Wedding planning is no longer just about the where and when, but the everything in between, like the menu, flowers, band vs. DJ, and wedding favors. Sometimes those come in the form of little candles and personalized matchbooks, and in other cases, they’re much more functional, like flip-flops.

I wish I’d known about this 50-pack of flip-flops ($140) from Old Navy when I was getting married, because I would have scooped them up in a second. The brand is known for having wildly popular flip-flops at affordable prices — they fly off the shelves during the Summer — and this 50-pack has proven just as popular, as it was sold out the last few weeks. We’re happy to report that it’s back in stock now and absolutely a must buy if you’re thinking about something you want to offer guests that they’ll actually want and need. The pack comes with 50 metallic sandals, gold and silver, in a variety of sizes. So, what are you waiting for?

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