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AS much as we love the festive season, the colder months also arrive with another guest – condensation.

Although in small amounts these water droplets are not harmful, in the long run they can cause a wide range of issues, such as mould. But fortunately, there is an easy hack to banish it – and it will cost you just 5p.

The trick, shared by Nazia X Home (@naziaxhome), has since gone viral on TikTok and has even been branded a ''game-changer''.

According to Nadia, who was recommended the hack by a follower, the answer is quite simple – salt.

Sharing the amazing results online, the cleaning enthusiast claimed she had placed a bowl of salt on the windowsill and let it do its magic overnight.

The following morning, she showed in the video, the common mineral had absorbed almost all condensation from the window.

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The remaining droplets Nadia then simply wiped off with a cloth.

Explaining the method to her fans, Nadia said there was no need to buy expensive salt for this – table salt will do just fine.

Seeing the hack, social media users then flocked to comments to thank Nadia, as well as offer their top solutions.

''That’s why I’ve salt lamps they suck it in at night then release when turned on daytime open the window let the moisture out,'' one person said.

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A second fan of the trick wrote: ''My mum and dad used to do this at the end of the season when our caravan park closed. Always kept the mould away.''

''put some silicone cat litter in a sock, tie it and it might work the same without the spilling hazard. i use them in a car, works great,'' someone else claimed.

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''This is a lifesaver thank u so much I’m gonna try this!!!'' a viewer couldn't wait to give the trick a go.

If you've run out of salt, fear not, as one woman recently tried using washing-up liquid to tackle condensation – and it worked a treat.

After seeing the hack, Sunny decided to give it a go, and documented the process on TikTok.

"So I thought I'd give the washing up liquid on the windows hack a go," she began.

"It's meant to help with condensation by reducing it or stopping it altogether.

"I went in with a microfibre cloth and then kitchen roll to make sure it is all dry.

"Then I went in with Elbow Grease washing up liquid on a dry microfibre cloth.

"Just a small amount, and you want to smear it all over the window.

"I like to focus on the bottom of the window because that seems to be where it's the worst, but you want to get it everywhere.

"And then I'll come and check in the morning to see if it actually helped."

The next morning, Sunny went into the nursery to open the blinds and see if the hack had worked.

"And to my surprise it actually did," she grinned.

"So the washing up liquid is meant to form a barrier to stop the water sticking to the window.

"And obviously there are other ways that reduce or stop it altogether but this is just an easy, cheap way to do it."

She also revealed she's planning to wipe the windows and reapply the washing up liquid around once a week to start with.

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"I know this isn’t the perfect solution but it’s cheap and easy to do for now!" she added in the comments section.

"Definitely works, I tried it, got up in morning – clear windows," another person commented on the video.

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