People who only have showers are buying inflatable baths to relax in & reckon it’s the best money they’ve ever spent

HOT or cold weather, there's nothing better than soaking in a bath. Fill it with cool water in the summer and indulge in a hot tub in winter.

And it seems we aren't alone in enjoying the feeling as those without one in their bathroom are splashing cash on an inflatable bath so they have something to relax in.

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If you didn't know they existed, now you know, and some people reckon it's the best money they've ever spent.

Taking to Facebook, one woman shared her delight after ordering one online saying she "really missed my baths since moving into a flat with only a wet room."

The blow-up bath in question set her back £40 from Amazon, and even has a plug hole to drain it when you're done.

She shared a snap of her new bathroom set up which shows inflatable bath in action. It's super deep to ensure your whole body's submerged under water and it even has a head rest and cup holder too.

Posting to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, she said: "Really missed my baths since moving into a flat with only a wet room. Got this from Amazon for £40 and its amazing."

And later added: "Mine has a plug hole in the bottom, some only have a tube coming out the end. The one I got was the CO Z one, it was recommended on best review."

People were seriously impressed by the genius idea with the post racking up thousand of comments and Facebook likes – proof that most people LOVE a good bath.

While many raved about teh idea and vowed to jump on board,she wasn't alone in improvising as heaps of others admitted to doing the same.

"I just use a kids pool, "admitted one mum, who shared a photo of an inflatable pool set up in her bathroom.

While another shared a snap of the exact same bath saying: "Best Xmas present my kids have ever got me I miss my bath to ….."

The inflatable pool is perfect for various reason, it seems, as it's not just good of or relaxing after a long day but is ideal to bath the kids in when a shower becomes tricky,.

One mum said: "OMG this is brilliant, we have physically challenged daughter and we really struggle on holidays bathing her as showers can 1 take her skin of and 2 cause to much pain.. going to invest in one of these just hope it doesn't weigh to much."

And another said: "[They're] a brilliant idea, especially people with children who haven't room or the money to put a bath in."

While another shared : "I definitely need one of these I have also recently moved into a house with a wet room miss my baths lol"

One women even used hers outside in the hot weather, using it as a pool to cool down – genius.

She said: "I have one also…. was brilliant when we had all that very hot weather."

Dreaming of the thought, another women said: "Now this I need for sunbathing in. I love to get in ice cold water.

So if you miss having a bath and have the space for it, or simply want a make-shift pool for the heatwave, this might just be the perfect solution to everyone's problems.

This exact one is currently unavailable on Amazon, however, there is a selection of other items that'll do the trick.

You know where we'll be this weekend – soaking in out inflatable bath with a cocktail in hand.

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