We made an ENORMOUS snowman in our front garden and our doorbell cam caught everyone's reactions- they were priceless | The Sun

WHEN the snow fell earlier this week, people flocked to their gardens in their millions to make snowmen.

But one family took things to the extreme, as they constructed an absolutely massive snowman outside their house.

And as well as wowing their neighbours, the snowman was so grand that people going past couldn't help but be impressed by the creation – with their reactions caught on a doorbell camera.

"POV: you built a massive snowman and the ring doorbell caught everyone’s reaction," Amelia wrote

Among the reactions were people taking "sneaky pics", pulling over to take pictures, and admiring it as they walked past.

Kids were blown away by the towering figure, with one giving it a "cute little wave" and a "younger brother taking a pic for his sister".

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"Jeez that’s bigger than me," Amelia joked one man was thinking.

"Walks past then goes back to take pic," she wrote over another clip.

"Sadly the snowman has been decapitated," Amelia added in the video caption.

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: "I love this for the moment of joy it bought everyone."

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"This is brilliant," another added.

"wow I would definitely take selfies, pics and videos too," a third commented.

"well done, look how happy people are, all because of you," someone else wrote.

"Was pure entertainment watching all these people," Amelia added in another comment.

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