Woman shares easy dishwasher hack which instantly makes it easier to fit more in

A TIKTOK fan has shared an easy dishwasher hack which can instantly make life easier when doing the dishes.

Amanda Josefinaa was having difficulty fitting her wine glass in the top shelf of the dishwasher, and was left amazed after discovering this hack.

In the clip, the user then moves a clip on the side of the tray which then encourages it to fall down a notch, enabling the glass to fit inside the dishwasher with ease. 

The quick and simple hack, which showed her how to make better use of her dishwasher, saves time and frustration with trying to fit everything into a packed machine. 

In the video Amanda shared with her 7012 followers, she watches the original clip in shock before dashing downstairs to see for herself.

And like Amanda, her followers were just as amazed. 

One wrote: “And all this time I thought I accidentally broke the top shelf!” 


A third wrote: “Heck I never knew that either” 

A fourth wrote: "OMG shut the front door, it works."

However, some followers were left upset as it seems not all dishwashers have this device.

One wrote: "Unfortunetly, mine was already lowered by default."

And another wrote: "I just check and mine doesn't have it."

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