You’ve been doing your makeup all wrong… and this is why it’s not lasting all day

IF YOU are fed up of looking in the mirror halfway through the day to see that your makeup has smudged and rubbed off, we know the feeling.

There’s nothing more annoying than spending ages perfecting your makeup, for it to fade away and look awful a few hours later.

But fear not, makeup and skincare blogger Amelia Olivia is here to help.

Amelia regularly posts makeup reviews, tips and tricks to TikTok and one of her latest videos sees her share her top tips for making your makeup last.

And it’s all about the base, setting powder and setting spray.

So if you want to hear a makeup experts’ top tips, listen up. 

Amelia said: “Now a lot of people can do makeup well but the question I get asked all the time is about longevity. 

“So I’m going to share with you my top tips and products to make your makeup last the best and look the best throughout the day or night.

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“Prepping your base is key.

“I either use the Embryolisse cream, which is the viral cream, or the Bobbi Brown face base.

“I’ve got the Embryolisse on now, it gives you a lovely glow.

“The next crucial step is to zone prime.

“So many people don’t do this, so take a blurring primer – I love the Coco Gold primer by The Beauty Crop or the Lancome blur stick and I just pop this anywhere I have texture or pores or get oily and this is going to help lock it in place and look smooth.

“To help the longevity of my makeup, I’ve been loving spraying my Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush spray after I’ve primed, before I apply my foundation. I found my foundation goes on so much better and lasts longer.

“Then the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Airbrush foundation is my best friend for longevity, if I’m going on nights out or if I’ve got a whole day, like a wedding. 

“It’s gorgeous and it lasts the best for me.

“The key part for me – Hudda Beauty Easy Bake loose powder.

“Everyone needs to use it – you don’t have a crease in sight, it keeps you looking flawless all day and keeps your makeup locked in place. 

“It’s incredible.

“I use The Beauty Crop Oui Cherie mist to lock in moisture but also set at the same time. 

“Then to give us a little bit of extra blurring, I use the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye pores or the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush powder.

“This is going to blur a bit more of the texture, making us look more airbrushed and help the longevity, helping everything stay in place a bit longer.

“Then I use a setting spray to set. My favourite is Milk Makeup. 

“And just like that, you will have a flawless base which will last you really well throughout the day.

“These products just last so well on the skin.” 

Amelia’s video has clearly impressed many as it has racked up 77.8k views, 6,255 likes, 58 comments and 108 shares. 

Many TikTok users were impressed with Amelia’s makeup tutorial and took to the comments to express this.

One person said: “Looks so good.”

Another added: “Absolutely love your videos!”

A third commented: “I love your makeup videos and all the hacks you do. I always use them.”

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