Did To Tell the Truth's Double Twist Blow Your Mind a Bit?

ABC’s To Tell the Truth this Thursday perhaps pulled off TV’s best one-two punch plot twist of the week, so I am here to talk about it rather than catch an extra half hour of sleep.

In the final segment of this season’s third episode, judges Thomas Lennon (Reno 911!), D’Arcy Carden (The Good Place), Alfonso Ribeiro (AFV) and Andrea Savage (I’m Sorry) were tasked with determining which of three Women of a Certain Age had served as a pregnancy surrogate for one of their childred — meaning, they gave birth to their own grandkid.

Which is, in and of itself, interesting and all. Sure.

But after the guesses were locked in and the real grandma surrogate was revealed — SPOILER ALERT, it was the woman on the far left in the photo, who carried a baby for her son and his husband — To Tell the Truth did that thing it does, introducing us to the two imposters.

Well, No. 3 announced herself to be Cassandra Peterson. And if you hadn’t recognized her already, her name alone surely gave you that extra nudge. Because she is Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (sans a certain amount of makeup and underwire)! It’s been some years since I’ve seen Peterson out of character, so that one got me good.

That was a plenty fun twist by itself. But To Tell the Truth was not yet done. Nope.

Imposter No. 2 then went on to identify herself by pulling off her (somewhat obvious) wig, and — holy callback, Batman! — it was the same woman from this episode’s opening round, a bona fide master of disguise who used to work for the CIA. We and the judges (and a gobsmacked host Anthony Anderson) had just met her not 45 minutes earlier, and she pulled the wool (or, synthetic hair) right over our eyes with this end-of-show encore.

For a show that is not Press Your Luck, To Tell the Truth dealt quite the series of whammys. Were you watching, and what did you think?

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NCIS New Orleans plot hole: Pride committed major error in series pilot

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The third NCIS series continues the legacy established by the popular legal drama JAG from the 90s and early 2000s. Moving the action down south, NCIS: New Orleans introduced a brand new team headed by Dwayne Pride (played by Scott Bakula). Despite his years of service, the resourceful team leader committed a strange blunder in the CBS series’ opener.

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NCIS: New Orleans is the newest member of the NCIS family, with its thrilling first season airing on CBS in 2014.

As the procedural action drama wrapped up its sixth season last month, the spin-off has remained as popular as ever, pulling in over five million viewers per episode.

Unfortunately, the series was forced to cut production four episodes short due to the coronavirus pandemic shutting down TV shows across the States.

Thankfully, in May 2020, the series was renewed for a seventh season, production of which will get underway once lockdown restrictions have been lifted.


  • NCIS fans convinced San Diego spin-off is happening

Fans have been assured the unanswered questions and earth-shattering cliffhangers left dangling by the three NCIS series will eventually be resolved.

Now NCIS: New Orleans, alongside parent shows NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles, are undergoing an unexpected hiatus, fans have been returning to some earlier favourites.

Best known for his leading role on Quantum Leap in the late 80s and early 90s, Scott Bakula returned to small screens as a leading man for the newest NCIS spin-off.

He was first introduced in the series pilot, Musician Heal Thyself, in which a murder investigation turns personal when the body of a Petty Officer is revealed to be a former gang member whom Dwayne Pride once mentored.

During one key scene, Pride and the team are analysing the severed leg of the Petty Officer before his identity has been revealed.

Although the new location and cast are introduced with signature NCIS style, the experienced Pride fell foul of an embarrassing forensic blunder, as one fan took to discussion forums to point out.

They said: “To identify the owner of a severed leg, Pride asks Loretta if she can guesstimate the body’s general build by the foot’s boot size. A much simpler way would be to swab for blood where the leg was severed and run it through the military DNA database.”

No NCIS team is complete without a forensics specialist, and Coroner of Jefferson Parish Loretta Wade (CCH Pounder) fills the role for the New Orleans branch.

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Although she provides expert analysis throughout her tenure on the show, ‘guesstimating’ the general build of an entire body based on the size of the severed leg’s shoe seems like a very unreliable starting point for identifying the murder victim.

DNA tests are a lengthy process, but the heightened world of NCIS has frequently demonstrated using a blood swab to pinpoint the leg’s owner wouldn’t have been a problem.

After this significant blunder in the opener of the spin-off, other fans found even more forensic mistakes in the next episode, titled Carrier.

One viewer spotted: “In the forensics lab Carol Wilson is saying to others that the rat caught on the ship is healthy. In the ensuing conversation the respirators they are wearing are so ill fitting as to be pointless – Carol’s mask does not even touch her nose.”


  • NCIS New Orleans: Why did Sonja Percy star Shalita Grant really leave?

Luckily, these severe blunders haven’t stopped NCIS: New Orleans from becoming yet another successful spin-off from the original series.

After JAG co-leads Catherine Bell and David James Elliott made surprising appearances in NCIS: Los Angeles, there have even been rumours of a third NCIS offshoot hitting CBS, set in San Diego.

Dwayne Pride finally reconciled with his estranged wife Linda (Paige Turco) in the premature season six finale, so NCIS fans are more eager than ever for the series to return to screens.

NCIS: New Orleans is available to stream on CBS: All Access now.

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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: The Story Behind LL Cool J's ‘NCIS’ Theme Song

NCIS:Los Angeles star LLCool J plays Senior Special Agent Sam Hanna on the hit CBS show. One thingyou might not know is LL Cool J also wrote one of the theme songs for NCIS:Los Angeles. Here are his behind-the-scenes revelations about the making ofthat song.

LL Cool J was asked to write a theme song for ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

The CBS team wanted LL Cool J to lend his musical talent. Thisresulted in him recording the song “No Crew Is Superior.” He teamed up withproducer and songwriter Tricky Stewart for the song.

“I was asked to create some music for the show,” LL Cool Jtold CBS during a 2010 interview. “I went to my go-to guy, someone that I trustand believe in. A phenomenal producer, Ticky Stewart.” Stewart is known forproducing Rihanna’s Umbrella, Mariah Carey’s Touch My Body, and Beyoncé’sSingle Ladies.

Stewart told CBS that LL Cool J has been his idol for years.“He probably doesn’t know this, but he’s always been an idol of mine. So even beyondsome of the records that I’ve done, this has been a tremendous honor for me.”

LL Cool J wrote the song on the ‘NCIS LA’ set

LL Cool J needed some inspiration for his song, so he decided to write the theme while he was working on the NCIS LA set. “We wanted to get together and create something for NCIS that was really cool but still true to what I do and true to what he does, and true to the music,” he said. “I wanted to write it while I was on set because I really wanted it to represent that energy and that feeling. I was in the character; I was in the zone.”

LL Cool J hides a few Easter eggs in the ‘NCIS LA’ theme song

LL Cool J made a point to insert elements from NCIS LA into the song. This resulted in some memorable lines. “You know my character drives a Dodge Challenger in the show. So, I said [in the song] ‘I’m a challenger dodging in a Kevlar vest,’” he told CBS. This song shows that LL Cool J can rap about anything. He even had a line about the software the characters use on the show.

“I talked about Lockheed Martin,” LL Cool J said in his CBS interview. “They brought in software created specifically for the show.” In that line of the song, LL Cool J says, “I swear I coulda been a engineer at Lockheed and Martin, but I was rockin’ the Garden when math class was startin’.”

This theme song sounds a lot different from theme songs you’re probably used to hearing. LL Cool J says he tried his best not to make the song sound like other TV songs. “I just really wanted to make sure that we made a real joint, you know, not trying to make some sort of hokey TV theme song that’s not real. I wanted to something that I love.”

Read more: ‘NCIS:Los Angeles’: What LL Cool J’s Co-Stars Call Him on Set

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Homeschool Musical, Starring Real Students From Cancelled High School Productions, Ordered at HBO Max

This news is almost enough to restore our faith in social media. HBO Max has ordered Homeschool Musical: Class of 2020, a scripted special in which students whose spring musicals were cancelled due to the coronavirus will get to perform original songs from their homes.

The project is being executive-produced by Tony Award-winning actress Laura Benanti. In March, Benanti encouraged students from cancelled musicals to tweet their performances to her using the #SunshineSongs hashtag — and the response was massive.

According to HBO Max, Homeschool Musical: Class of 2020 will explore “tried-and-true themes of classic teen movies through the totally unique lens of a world turned upside down by the global pandemic. The cast, featuring a diverse group of super talented student actors with compelling backstories, will play seniors from the same high school and while the pandemic may have shut down their school, the drama and romantic intrigue live on.”

“Our school shows are more than just entertainment,” Benanti said in a statement. “At the very least, they bring our communities together to revel in the talent of our young artists. At their best, they are a life changing experience that these kids will bring with them into the rest of their lives,” said Benanti. “I am thrilled that the #SunshineSongs initiative has put the spotlight on so many incredible young performers; grateful to World of Wonder for its grand vision and to HBO MAX for providing a global platform on which America’s youth can shine!”

Additional executive producers include Randy Barbato, Fenton Bailey and Tom Campbell for World of Wonder Productions. Leland — who has penned tracks for Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and RuPaul’s Drag Race — will write and produce the original songs and score.

Your thoughts on this scripted experiment? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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Inside Jamie Redknapp’s stunning bachelor pad with huge television and adorable dog – The Sun

JAMIE Redknapp moved into a stunning bachelor pad after his divorce from ex-wife Louise Redknapp.

They've decided to share their sons during the coronavirus lockdown, with the football pundit looking after their youngest Beau, and 15-year-old Charley living with Louise, 45.

Jamie, 46, has given fans a glimpse into his luxury pad in photos on Instagram and during his new lockdown show, Redknapp's Home Fixture.

The gorgeous home is stylishly decked out in monochrome fashion with white walls, black marble floors and grey sofas.

The star has set up a mini basketball net for Beau on the back of an oak door, and Jamie's chocolate brown Shar Pei is seen padding around his feet.

Jamie's pad boasts a huge garden and room for TWO football goals.

Jamie previously said of looking after Beau, 11, in lockdown: "He's been really good he's been doing loads of homework."

Jamie and Louise filed for a Decree Nisi, officially ending their marriage, in December 2017.

Last month, Jamie's ex Louise shared a rare photo with son Charley while in lockdown together.

The pop star, who has been recording music for her fans while isolating at home, posted a shot of the lad sitting behind her without a shirt on.

She captioned the black-and-white snap: "A rare appearance from Charley Redknapp."

Jamie also shared a video of Charley showing he's got his dad's talent for football.

In the video, which was shared on Jamie's Instagram Stories, the 15-year-old is seen lining up a football in his dad's backgarden.

Running up to the ball, Charley, who was clad in a pair of grey joggers and a printed black jumper, impressively strikes the ball, which lands in the top right of the goal.

The teen then turns to the camera delighted with his shot while 90s tune This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan plays.

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How old was David Rainford, how did he die and when was he on Eggheads?

The Chase’s Paul Sinha has led tributes to Eggheads star David Rainford following the sad news of his death.

Paul took to social media to say he was ‘devastated’ at the news, adding: ‘Great bloke, great friend. We had blindingly good nights out mate.’

Show host Jeremy Vine has also paid tribute to David. saying he was ‘very sad’ to hear he had passed away.

‘Was the best company after a recording: always fun and sociable. I never saw him angry or ungenerous, not once,’ he said.

David was one of nine Eggheads who appeared on the BBC Two show, originally appearing as a contestant before joining the panel of experts.

Here’s what you need to know about him.

How old was David Rainford?

David was reported to be 51 at the time of his death.

What was David Rainford’s cause of death?


The cause of David’s death has not been confirmed.

However he did miss the most recent series of the show in 2019, with reports he had stepped down due to an unconfirmed illness.

He made reference to this when the series returned to screens last August, telling his followers: ‘I was still recuperating when these programmes were recorded, but I can promise you that there are some great shows coming up with excellent challengers that will keep you on the edge of your seats. Keep watching.’

When was David on Eggheads?

He was a part of the show until the most recent series, earning the nickname David ‘Tremendous Knowledge’ Rainford.

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Bollywood Producer Boney Kapoor On How The World’s Most Prolific Film Biz Is Planning To Return After COVID-19 Shutdown

EXCLUSIVE: The impact of this global film and TV production shutdown is going to be felt for time to come, and perhaps nowhere more so than in India, where the world’s most prolific film industry has been forced to go on hiatus.

Bollywood produces up to 2,000 movies per year, dwarfing the number made in Hollywood. The production machine needed to facilitate that level of activity means the country has a colossal, widespread industry working on all manner of projects every day of the week. The coronavirus lockdown saw all production in the nation go on hiatus from March 19, and there’s no clear timeframe for it to resume. However, the Producer’s Guild Of India submitted its safety measures for resuming on-set shoots to the government this week, an important first step towards a return to work.

In Mumbai, India’s Los Angeles, producer Boney Kapoor – whose long career has spanned major credits including 1987 classic Mr. India and the Salman Khan-starring 2009 box office smash Wanted – is hard at work planning his return to action. The pandemic has been a gut punch for Kapoor, shutting down three of his productions including the $25M budgeted soccer story Maidaan starring Ajay Devgn, for which his company had purpose-built an enormous set that had to be completely dismantled after the lockdown, with international crew and talent sent home. Even once production gets the green light again, it will take months to rebuild the 16-acre site. Thankfully, his projects Valimai, an action drama starring Ajith Kumar, and Vakeel Sahab, starring Pawan Kalyan, should be easier to get back up and running.

Kapoor is part of a dynasty of Bollywood talent. He is the elder brother of actors Anil Kapoor (recognized by western audiences for his roles in Slumdog Millionaire and 24) and Sanjay Kapoor, and the father of actor Arjun Kapoor and actress Janhvi Kapoor. His family are also relatives of another Bollywood dynasty named Kapoor, which includes the recently deceased actor Rishi Kapoor. The producer was also married to Indian megastar actress Sridevi (the star of Mr. India alongside Anil Kapoor), who tragically died in 2018.

It’s a tough spot Boney Kapoor finds himself in, but he is staying optimistic that India’s vibrant industry will bounce back to make a full recovery once the pandemic is in the rearview mirror. Below, he tells Deadline how he is planning to get soccer story Maidaan up and running again, what his take is on the recent spat of Bollywood films being sold directly to Amazon for streaming, and whether he will be able to secure insurance payouts on his shutdown movies.

DEADLINE: Your big budget production Maidaan was shut down by the virus – can you tell us a bit about the movie?

BONEY KAPOOR: Maidaan is based on real events between 1952 and 1962, also known as the “golden era of Indian football”. It has superstar Ajay Devgn who is one of India’s finest actors. This is one of the biggest films currently being produced in India, so it required a larger-than-life vision and the most talented creatives in our country. We built a massive outdoor set covering a 16-acre plot around Mumbai, with all the production infrastructure like make-up rooms, production offices, direction offices, toilet facilities and a separate PCR room for a 10 camera set up.

We brought in world class sports choreographers, VFX consultants, additional DOPs, and camera operators from overseas. We also hired the best football coaches and flew international level players to set. Just as the shoot was getting underway, the pandemic hit the world. We had to ensure the safety of our entire crew so had to stop all prep and send everyone home.

The set has now been dismantled as the rains are due to arrive in Mumbai. The rebuild will take at least two months, which earliest will start in September, so shooting can commence only in November. This has resulted in a massive loss for us.

DEADLINE: How do you plan to get up and running again?

KAPOOR: Thankfully all the indoor, and some outdoor, training portions of the film were shot in Lucknow and Kolkata so are already in the can. But we will have to wait for the set to be rebuilt to film the Olympic games of Helsinki, Rome, Melbourne and Asian games of Jakarta. Until then, we will strive to complete work on editing, sound, music etc., subject to and in full compliance with the government guidance on working rules during lockdown.

DEADLINE: How about your other shutdown movies, Valimai and Vakeel Sahab?

KAPOOR: Vakil Saab is a remake of the hit Amitabh Bachchan starrer Pink, this time with superstar Pawan Kalyan, who is back on the screen after more than two years. It’s a social drama with a strong message and we have just 10-15 shooting days pending. Valimai is a big action film starring Ajith Kumar, it happens to be his 60th film. That one is 50% complete.

DEADLINE: Are you able to make insurance claims for your shutdown films?

KAPOOR: Comprehensive insurance policies for all three films were secured before the start of production. Post COVID, claims have been filed. There is some ambiguity on whether pandemics are covered and discussions and deliberations are ongoing with insurance companies. We are also seeking legal opinion.

DEADLINE: Amazon recently caused a stir by buying up seven Indian features that had their theatrical releases cancelled during the lockdown, leading to speculation that we will see more deals like this in the future as those streamers grow in influence. You’ve told me Maidaan will definitely be a theatrical movie, how come?

KAPOOR: I have produced 36 films so far and made them for the big screen. I believe all forms of exhibition, distribution and consumption will co-exist but a certain type of cinema must be enjoyed first on the big screen where audiences can immerse themselves into a larger-than-life canvas. I cannot wait for audiences to come experience the magic that all three films will bring to celluloid.

DEADLINE: What did the industry make of those tiles going onto Amazon? Is there concern from cinema owners in the country about that deal and possible similar ones in the future?

KAPOOR: We are living in extraordinary times and trying to cope with this pandemic is testing us like never before. While it’s a global problem, our individual circumstances are different and require unique solutions. For producers whose films are ready and cannot wait for the unknown (when cinemas will open) OTT platforms offering to buy premiere rights for digital has come as a blessing. It means those producers can recover their investments, save on marketing and distribution expenses, fulfil their obligations in terms of payments, and move on.

As it is, when the lockdown ends, there will undoubtedly be a backlog of releases and cinemas that will not accommodate all exhibition requests. With programming windows shortened, some films will lose out despite their content having the potential to resonate with audiences. As for cinema owners, while they are unhappy about their premiere window being taken over by OTT players, they also have to understand the situation and collectively take a practical view to not oppose this move. After all. we are stakeholders in the same industry and like any family, we must fight this pandemic jointly.

DEADLINE: This is a boom time for streamers in much of the world – does it feel that way in India?

KAPOOR: Of course. With over one billion internet users and growing, global OTT players always had a keen eye on the Indian market. India boasts the cheapest per GB data pricing thanks to Jio [the internet service provider]. Due to the pandemic, audiences are compelled to stay at home in lockdown, cinemas are shut, and no production activity means TV channels have nothing new to show, so streamers have grown phenomenally over the last two months. Time spent watching content at home has grown exponentially. This trend to watch on demand is here to stay and will expedite cord-cutting in India as we have seen in the western world. With its large audience base and endless hunger to consume entertainment, the Indian market is just starting its growth trajectory.

DEADLINE: How has the lockdown impacted the wider industry?

KAPOOR: The impact of the pandemic on filmed entertainment in India, which currently produces approximately 2,000 films a year, is going to be severe. We have seen a complete halt in all activities across production, exhibition and distribution. Cinemas are closed. Production has stopped. Hence distribution companies have no work. This means companies in the industry will report nil incomes and losses. From white collar executives to daily wage earners, all are facing reduction in salaries and/or job losses.

The government revenue in terms of taxes will be impacted. Several films, which are in various stages of completion and due to release, will now have to wait for the lockdown to ease. Until then, all stakeholders will have to manage cash flows and bear the burden of interest costs. But I am most concerned about technicians, crew members and set workers, some of whom depend on daily income to run their homes.

It’s too early to account for exact industry losses, but there is no doubt the effects of the pandemic on the film business in India will be severe and is likely to wipe out the growth of the last 12 months. This is the impact in just two months, so you can imagine what is in store if this lockdown keeps extending and normalcy is not restored soon.

DEADLINE: What’s the government reaction been like?

KAPOOR: The Indian government has been proactive in its response to COVID-19. Focus has rightly been on saving lives and ensuring adequate healthcare for all those who need it. Recently the government also announced a Coronavirus Rescue Package worth US$260BN.

As an industry, we have expressed our concerns to the authorities and I have no doubt that relief measures specific to the entertainment industry will be announced soon. Collectively, we must endeavor to propose that all insurance policies cover us for epidemics and pandemics so that we will be adequately covered in the future.

DEADLINE: Has any production resumed yet?

KAPOOR: Some states have permitted post-production activities and shooting in pre-authorized areas with a unit of not more than 20 persons.

DEADLINE: When are you expecting cinemas to re-open?

KAPOOR: Multiplexes in India have submitted their proposed guidelines to the government regarding safety measures they would undertake upon re-opening, and they are being reviewed. A lot of deliberation and scientific advice will have to be considered before the entertainment industry is given permission to fully open. It is vital audiences feel safe and secure in cinemas post lockdown. I think, instead of working towards the ‘earliest possible time’, we should work on the ‘best possible time’ to open cinemas.

We can observe trends in other countries and take inspiration from them on how they are planning to revive cinema-going. Today, Bollywood is viewed and loved by audiences across the world. Overseas markets sometimes account for more than 1,500 screens, and this is excluding China. Maidaan is a film that has global appeal, not only for Asian diaspora but all film lovers. We will release the film on the same day all across the world.

DEADLINE: Are you confident Bollywood will bounce back to its former strength, or do you think it could be changed forever?

KAPOOR: I believe that the industry will bounce back stronger in the medium term in and in the long run, the Indian film industry will grow exponentially and be a big export for the country with better content, better technology, more screens and a varied distribution ecosystem.

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'90 Day Fiancé': Why Do Usman Umar and His Brothers Have the Same Scars?

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days introduced fans to more of Usman’s family in the latest episode. With Lisa and Usman’s wedding only a day away, two of his brothers traveled several hours to attend the ceremony. Although things did not go as planned for Usman and Lisa, viewers were left wondering why Usman and his brothers have the same scar.

Will Lisa and Usman make it down the aisle on ’90 Day Fiancé’?

Usman and Lisa have faced many ups and downs over the course of their relationship, and things didn’t get any better on the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

At the beginning of the installment, Lisa was still hung upon how she caught Usman texting another woman and telling her that he lovesher. Usman tried to explain to Lisa that the exchange was pretty normal in hisline of work.

Usman is a rapper in Nigeria who goes by the name “SojaBoy.” He assured Lisa that the woman he was texting was simply a fan and not someone he is seeing on the side. Lisa came to terms with what happened but she still got into a heated argument with Usman, telling him that he is a “local talent” and “wannabe player.”

Lisa was also upset that Usman had yet to propose to her in person. They got engaged online and were set to tie the knot a day after the episode of 90 Day Fiancé was filmed. Luckily, Usman presented Lisa with a ring in front of the cameras, despite this not being a custom in Nigeria.

“It was everything I wanted,” Lisa shared after Usman’s proposal. “It touched me and is something I will remember until the day I die. He’s my everything and now I’m ready to marry this man tomorrow.”

Lisa fights in front of Usman’s family

The proposal helped smooth things over between Lisa andUsman, but it did not last long. Later that evening, Lisa met up with Usman’stwo older brothers, Faruq and Muhammed, and failed to make a good impression.

During a confessional, Faruq stated that he was unsure aboutLisa marrying his brother, mostly because of their age difference.

Later in the episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Lisa openly discussed some of the issues she and Usman have faced, telling Faruq and Muhammed that their brother is very stubborn. 

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Usman was greatly offended that Lisa talked about their relationship woes in front of his family. He also did not appreciate how she lost her temper when Faruq and Muhammed told her that in Nigeria, wives are not the head of the household.

A furious Lisa told Usman that she was “done” after traveling 7,000 miles to see him. “You’re sitting there, criticizing me, and I’m not doing it,” she added. “I’m not sitting here any longer.”

Why does the ’90 Day Fiancé’ star have the same scars as his brothers?

The episode ended with Lisa and Usman’s wedding in serious doubt. While 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days fans are waiting to see what happens with the wedding, viewers are also wondering why Usman and his brothers share the same scar.

Usman, Faruq, and Muhammed all have the same scar above theeye that looks like two lines. In Nigeria, tribes will often brand their memberswhen they are young. In the event that someone from the tribe is kidnapped orsold into slavery, they can use the markings to identify them.

According to Screen Rant, Usman’s family hails from a tribe called the Hausa, which practices the tradition of marking children. Usman and his brothers also have prayer bumps on their heads that mark how much time they have spent praying.

Lisa opens up about using the n-word

Babygirl Lisa and Usman have found plenty of things to fight about on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, but one of their biggest controversies happened when Usman revealed that Lisa once called him the n-word.

She understandably took a lot of heat for using the racial slur, and she recently opened up about why she thinks people were outraged by the drama.

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During an appearance on The Domenick Nati Show, Lisa revealed that she apologized to Usman for using the n-word and assured fans that it “slipped out” during one of their heated arguments.

“No, that word was used out of context and out of stupidity. My husband accepted my apology, but haters don’t and they want to ride it out to no end,” she shared.

New episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days air Sunday nights on TLC.

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'Outlander' Showrunner Reveals Why Casting Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan was 'Tricky'

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are known for portraying Jamie and Claire Fraser on Outlander. Their chemistry on-screen is undeniable, and it’s unfathomable that anyone else could play these iconic characters so perfectly. But, as showrunner Ronald D. Moore revealed in a recent interview, casting Heughan and Balfe was a “tricky” process.

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are the heart of ‘Outlander’

At this point, Heughan and Balfe are pretty much TV royalty. Since Outlander premiered in 2014, the actors have become synonymous with its lead characters, Jamie and Claire. 

The show, which is based on Diana Gabaldon’s literary series of the same name, has a huge global fan following. And Balfe and Heughan are often celebrated by fans for bringing so much depth to their characters.

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Sam Heughan was cast as Jaime first

When talking to Collider, Outlander showrunner Ronald D. Moore revealed the early casting process for the series and what he expected from the actors who would portray Claire and Jamie Fraser. 

“At the beginning, I said, ’We’re going to cast Claire first because she’ll be the easiest to find,’” said Moore. ‘”She’s a smart 20th-century British woman, and there are lots of them and we’ll find her quickly, but Jamie’s gonna be tough. How do you find the king of men? This heroic figure, this Scot?’”

Moore said that the situation actually ended up in reverse. He found Heughan first and knew right away he would be perfect for the role. 

“We found Sam, he was the first cast member,” the showrunner revealed. “We just saw his tape and we went,  “Oh my god, there he is.’ It was just like…boom.”

Balfe was cast as Claire just days before ‘Outlander’ started filming

After Heughan was cast in the role of Jamie Fraser, Outlander producers were left with finding the perfect Claire. In his interview with Collider, Moore said that many actresses read for the part, but none had Claire’s spark.

“It was tricky, we were really trying to find a very special quality,” said Moore.  “I always said that I wanted Claire to be really smart, and you had to see her thinking. And you know she had to be this really capable interesting person and she had to marry up really well with Sam.”

Moore said that just before production began, Balfe’s self-made audition tape was discovered by producers. And after she came in for a screen test with Heughan, the showrunner said he knew she was perfect for the role.

“We didn’t find her until very late in the game, and she taped her own audition and sent it in,” Moore explained. “We just were like pretty certain from her tape that she was the one. And then when we saw the chemistry test, we were convinced.”

Moore also admitted that they didn’t find Balfe until the very last minute. In fact, she was cast just days before they started filming.

“Once we cast her she was on a plane to Scotland within a day and shooting like two days later,” he said. “I mean we were so close to the beginning of production it was really starting to scare everyone.”

Heughan and Balfe will return to play Jamie and Claire Fraser for Outlander, Season 6.

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Stacey Solomon bursts into tears as Rex, 1, walks for the first time after taking his first steps – The Sun

STACEY Solomon has revealed that she burst into tears as her one-year-old son Rex walked for the first time.

The little boy took small first steps earlier this month, but 30-year-old Stacey has now shared a video of him confidently walking towards her from dad Joe Swash.

Rex is waving his arms and grinning with excitement in the sweet clip, and Joe looks overcome with emotion as he proudly watches on from behind.

Meanwhile, Stacey's voice cracks as she encourages her son to keep walking – with Rex eventually losing his balance and landing on his bottom.

The TV favourite wrote an emotional message in the video's caption – sharing how grateful she was that both she and Joe were able to be home for the milestone moment.

She told fans: " And he’s off! Oh pickle. Honestly I am sobbing.

"If there’s one good thing to come out of these scary hard times it’s that mummy and daddy both being home to see this moment. Rex we are so proud of you.

"Oh my goodness it feels like time is going by at the blink of an eye and you’re growing so so quickly.

"It’s sad and I want time to stand still for a moment but at the same time watching you learn grown is the most incredible, most wonderful thing in the world."

Stacey continued: "If anyone needs me I’ll be in the egg chair with 100 Daim bars sobbing into Rex’s baby book love you all."

Rex is Stacey and Joe's first child together, but both have sons from previous relationships.

Stacey is also mum to 12-year-old Zachary and eight-year-old Leighton, and Joe is dad to 12-year-old Harry.

The family celebrated Rex's first birthday at the weekend, where Stacey admitted that she'd "love" to have more children with Joe.

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