50 Cent Drags Jim Jones in Response to Tekashi69’s Possible Early Prison Release

While the ‘In Da Club’ rapper opts not to name names in his Instagram post, it is highly assumed that he is talking about Jim as one user comments, ‘Not Jim again Fif. You petty bro.’

AceShowbiz -Tekashi69 (6ix9ine) may be set free from prison on Wednesday, April 1 if if New York prosecutors do not object to the judge’s recommendation over coronavirus concerns. 50 Cent caught wind of the news and immediately took to his Instagram account to weigh in on it while seemingly taking aim at Jim Jones in the process.

The “Power” actor/creator shared a screencapture of Tekashi’s old Instagram Live after he was released from prison for an unrelated case. “Now associate1 ya gonna have to tell everybody how you were on tape in court on the phone coaching Mel,to super duper violate shorty but the Feds never picked you up because you are doing your job Confidential informant,” so Fif captioned it.

While the rapper didn’t name names in the post, it was highly assumed that Fif was talking about Jim. “Not Jim again Fif. You petty bro,” one of his followers wrote in the comment section. One other added, “He talking about Jim jones aka jimmy neutron aka jenny jones.”

Fiddy referenced the phone call that was played in court, featuring Mel Murda telling Jim that he would “super duper violate” 6ix9ine. “Ain’t no much he could really do unless he roun around with 100 armed securities all day,” Mel said in the audio.

It didn’t take long before Jim noticed the apparent diss and responded on his own account. “Melly said he doin super fine You have to watch out for these so call real ones thts routing for rats to come home and And wanna see real n***as go to jail,” Jim wrote. He seemed to be referring to Fiddy with the “so call real ones” and calling Tekashi “rats.”

He continued writing, “Any n***a th needs to try n tarnish another mans name for personal gain has to b a h** why else would he have my d**k so far down his throat lol pause.”

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