A Justin Bieber Fan Crashed His Performance for a Selfie and Had to Be Removed By Security

Justin Bieber kept his cool while performing at Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball in London on Saturday, despite the fact that a random fan rushed the stage for a selfie.

The moment happened when Justin was singing “Intensions,” and he continued with the performance as security grabbed the fan and escorted them off stage. As a source told the Daily Mail, ” A fan ran onstage, didn’t really do anything but run around. Security got on pretty quickly and bundled him off. Justin turned round to see it but didn’t miss a note, just carried on seamlessly.”

Watch the moment go down below:

FYI, Justin was joined on his trip to London by Hailey Bieber, and the pair posed for some cute touristy photos together, including in a classic red phone booth:


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Side note while we’re recovering from these cute pics: Justin and Hailey just celebrated the two year anniversary of their official wedding back in September, and Hailey opened up about marriage to Yvonne Orji in November, saying “I’m newly married. I got married very quickly. I’m still taking it a day at a time and I’m still learning a lot. Having the time to be on your own and having that experience to be single and just, like, travel and having had that time, I think was the most important thing for me… That was the biggest thing for me was that I had my own life experience before I joined my whole entire life with somebody and had my own identity and comfortable in my own skin.”

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