All American<\/em> Will Be Back for Season 3\u2014Here’s What We Know So Far

Spoiler warning: The following story contains spoilers from the first two seasons of All American

As people sit at home during this time of social distancing and quarantine, they’re going through their Netflix queues faster than ever, and constantly looking for brand new shows to watch. One of those shows has been the CW drama All American, which became a major hit once added to Netflix. The show centers around Spencer James, a young African-American high school transplant playing football at an elite Los Angeles high school.

In January, the CW renewed All American for a third season, one of thirteen series renewed by the network. Although the show was not an immediate hit for the CW, according to a report from ScreenRant, it’s found a new and larger audience on Netflix, warranting a third season. And with All American ratings now on par with the CW’s other hit, Riverdale, there’s a good chance the show could receive higher ratings when it returns.

So if we’re definitely getting a third season, what else can we expect from the show? Here’s everything we know so far.

When will All American season 3 release?

Unfortunately, that’s a bit of a tough question to answer. As of right now, film and television production is shut down industry wide due to the coronavirus pandemic, with no official return to production date from the network in sight. Fans were expecting the new season to start in early October, as that would’ve followed the typical pattern of when the series’ previous seasons tended to premiere.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, the CW announced that it plans to make up for the time lost during the lockdown, and tentatively planes that all series the network produces would premiere in January 2021 to give more time for the shows to film. Fans can expect to see expanding storylines and more football on Monday nights.

Although there’s no official season three trailer out, if you’re looking to get a sense of what All American is about, here’s an extended trailer:

Will everyone in the All American cast return?

It looks like the entire main cast will be back for season three, according to the series’ IMDB page. So keep your eye out for what’s going to happen with Spencer (Daniel Ezra), Coach Baker (Taye Diggs), Jordan (Michael Evans Behling), Olivia (Samantha Logan), Asher (Cody Christian) and Layla (Greta Onieogou).

What will All American Season 3 be about?

Fans can expect season three to pick up where season two left off: Spencer’s loyalties will come into question—yet again—after learning that his former high school might become a magnet school. Jordan is also prepared to take major steps in his personal life, while Olivia is attempting to sort out her sobriety issues.

You can stream both seasons of All American on Netflix now.

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