Alyssa Milano Battling ‘Leaky Small Blood Vessels’ Amid Covid-19 Recovery

The former ‘Charmed’ actress opens up about her battle with a new symptom as she continues experiencing health issues during her recovery from coronavirus.

AceShowbiz -Actress Alyssa Milano has been experiencing a “bubbling” sensation in her hands as she continues to struggle with post-coronavirus symptoms.

The former “Charmed” star was struck down by COVID-19 in late March (20), but didn’t go public with her diagnosis until August, as she revealed she was still facing a series of issues as a result of the virus.

Recalling her health crisis on U.S. talk show “The View“, she shared, “It’s the sickest I have ever been in my entire life…”

“It felt like it took over every part of my body. It’s vascular, so that’s why people’s symptoms are so different, and I am a long-hauler, so I’m dealing with long-term symptoms which are heart palpitations, shortness of breath, my hair is falling out, I have a ringing in my ears…”

And Milano recently started noticing a new sensation which she suspected was linked to COVID-19. “I have a new symptom, which is, it feels like underneath the skin of my hands is like, bubbling,” she explained. “I’m not really itchy…, but it’s bubbling.”

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“I called my doctor the other day and I was like, ‘This can’t be from the COVID, right?’ and he goes, ‘Oh yeah, you have leaky small blood vessels.’ “

Milano discussed her coronavirus battle in the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump‘s diagnosis, after he discharged himself from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland on Monday (05Oct20) and returned to the White House, where he continued to downplay the severity of the pandemic, much to the actress’ disgust.

Milano, who has been a vocal critic of the Republican politician, declared, “There’s not a leadership bone in that man’s body. It’s almost as if he tries hard to be the worst leader he possibly can, and by the way, I have no faith in that entire administration, because where is the adult in the room? It’s really a defining moment.”

Despite her disdain for Trump, upon hearing the news of his coronavirus diagnosis last week, Milano claimed she “wouldn’t wish this virus on my worst enemy.”

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