Amanda Bynes Breaks Off Engagement with Fiance of Three Weeks

Amanda Bynes won’t be walking down the aisle after all — she and her fiance of just 3 weeks have called off their engagement.

AB’s groom-to-be, Paul Michael, confirmed the news Sunday … telling In Touch they had, in fact, broken up. He added he still loves Amanda, though, and considers her his best friend.

Word of their split comes after Amanda recently cleared her social media pages of any photos of her and Paul together, which led some to believe they’d parted ways. She hasn’t spoken on the split herself yet, and the reason for things coming undone remains unclear.

Of course, as we first told you, Amanda’s family wasn’t going to let it happen in the first place — so the writing might’ve been on the wall for this from the get. Her mother is her conservator, and Amanda can’t do something like getting hitched without her conservator’s consent. We’d been told her family felt it simply wasn’t in her best interest.

We came to learn that the engagement ring Amanda was flashing all over the Internet was actually purchased off of Amazon, for a measly $49. No real diamond, either.

Still, Amanda seemed pretty smitten with Paul — whom she’d met in AA classes, and had only been dating for a few months before he popped the question. She even filmed a video with him and introduced him to the world as the “best person on the face of the Earth.”

We were told by sources close to her family that Amanda had a boyfriend right before Paul, and they felt he was simply a rebound. On to the next, it seems.

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