Angela Deem Turns 55, Debuts Astonishing Weight Loss

Late this summer, Angela Deem announced her weight loss surgery plans to 90 Day Fiance fans.

Now, the grandmother is flaunting the results to the world in a series of dazzling photographs.

In the wee hours of Wednesday, December 9, Angela Deem took to Instagram to post some festive photos.

“Aww my grandbabies at 12:01 surprised me with happy birthday,” she captioned the set of images.

The proud grandmother gushed: “I just love my babies.”

The photos speak for themselves.

Angela, holding a cake decorated with delicious-looking frosting roses, surrounded by her grandchildren.

But the real scene-stealer wasn’t the cute grandbabies or the delicious looking cake — it was Angela herself.

Angela has very visibly lost a dramatic amount of weight from her face, neck and arms.

She is seated in these photos, but it is beyond apparent how much weight she has dropped.

And, of course, that is no surprise.

Angela announced to the world at the Tell All (remember, that season got a Tell All that actually aired on time thi syear) that she was doing this.

Specifically, that she was undergoing weight loss surgery.

Until now, we had only seen much earlier makeover photos and blurry images, not a clear view of her face.

Michael of course, is Angela’s husband, but he is currently in Nigeria and will likely remain as long as Trump’s Muslim Ban and the COVID-19 pandemic hold sway.

He expressed at the Tell All that he does not approve of this, that he loves Angela and considers her to be perfect just the way that she is.

Angela isn’t doing this for him — she’s doing it for her. And the results speak for themselves.

That certainly is a gorgeous-looking cake sitting before Angela. And we all know how much she adores flowers.

This cake had me looking at cakes to order “just because” (I resisted, but still), and clearly I’m not the only one who felt tempted.

Another photo showed Angela leaning forward as if to chomp the cake with her mouth, like a tortoise biting at a massive chunk of watermelon.

Angela’s comments were of course filled with praise, both for her new look and general wishes of happy birthday.

She is a big name within the 90 Day Fiance franchise, so stars who have never appeared on a season with her still keep up with her on Instagram.

We are always happy to congratulate someone for looking more like how they want to — and for turning 55!

On a less happy note, we did acknowledge that Angela and Michael have time and obstacles to overcome.

The two married early this year, mere days before Donald Trump’s administration extended this bigoted ban to Nigeria.

It’s interesting, of course, that Trump’s most outspoken 90 Day Fiance fan found herself screwed over by his policies. Of course, that’s pretty standard for most of his fans.

Fortunately for Angela and Michael, our long national nightmare is nearly over.

Many fans — us included — hope that Angela has given herself a serious attitude adjustment since her time in Nigeria.

The verbal abuse to which she subjected Michael is absolutely unacceptable. Michael deserves better — everyone does.

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