Asian Doll and Popp Hunna React to Dating Rumors

The ‘Corvette Corvette’ spitter addresses the rumors of him dating the ex-girlfriend of late rapper King Von on his Instagram account, asking people to ‘stop clout chasin.’

AceShowbiz -While Asian Doll (Asian Da Brat) has been publicly honoring her ex-boyfriend King Von following his death in late 2020, she was rumored to be dating another hip-hop star, Popp Hunna. Catching wind of the speculations, Asian quickly took to her Twitter account to shut down the rumors once and for all.

Denying that there was something more going on between her and the “Corvette Corvette” rapper, Asian tweeted on Monday, February 1, “Me & popp Hunna friends so get off my d**k.” She added, “even if I was to date someone that’s my business tf.”

In a follow-up tweet, Asian went on to say, “Ima do whatever I want around this b***h fasho tho & I ain’t walking around on no egg shells either just speak facts when you speak on me.” Alluding that she has always been touchy with her friends, Asian continued, “If y’all hate y’all friends just sayyyyy that cause the ones I love I embrace & it got nun to do with sexuality weirdos.”

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Popp also addressed the rumors on his Instagram account. On Tuesday, the “Fight Night” rapper wrote to his followers, “Stop clout chasin,” adding an angry emoji. Insisting that they’re just friends, he claimed, “Asian my dawg. nothin more!”

Asian, who claimed herself to be “Queen Von”, seemingly wasn’t ready to let Von go. In response to criticism over the title, Asian, who reportedly broke up with the late rapper before he died, previously explained why she deserved the title.

“I use to rock shirts with Von name on it I use to wear his clothes I use to bang his set I talked like him since day1 been rapping like him he I been ‘queen von/ granddaughter,’ ” so she said to her followers on the blue bird app. Asian went on saying, “I been posting this man everything I’m doing now I BEEN DID WHILE HE WAS HERE don’t hate I’m blessed.”

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