Audrey Roloff is “Blown Away” by Her Fans. Here's Why.

Audrey Roloff is in awe.

She can’t believe it.

And she felt a need to pen a heartfelt Instagram post in response to all of it.

We refer here to the outpouring of support Roloff has received in the wake of a major life announcement.

As you may have read about a few days ago, Audrey took fans by surprise when she said on social media that she has “decided to close the shop side of Always More for the foreseeable future.⁣”

This was a business to which Audrey had dedicated an endless amount of time and resources.

But it all became too much for the ex-reality star, especially of late, especially in the wake of becoming a mother for the second time.

“I need to take a step back from some things that demand a lot of my time,” explained Audrey in a post six days ago, acknowledging how this was a “very hard decision.”

But it was one Roloff felt a need to make because she’s been suffering some physical consequences of her delivery in January.

Simply put, things hurt really bad for Audrey these days.

She’s thrilled to have welcomed son Bode back in early January, of course, but the side effect of this precious addition has been less time, patience and physical capabilities of maintaining a business.

Concluded Audrey in the aforementioned post:

“So if you’ve been wanting to grab something from our shop for a while, this is your last chance. Details for the shop closure will be over on @shopalwaysmore or”

Fast forward just a few days and Audrey provided an update on her same Instagram account.

“Wow. Thank you. I’m blown away by how you all hurried to support @shopalwaysmore after my announcement,” wrote Audrey this week.

Added the formerr Little People, Big World cast member:

“To be honest we had anticipated it would take us much longer to sell through all our inventory, and I was expecting to read some disheartening comments after posting my video… but you all have been so supportive and encouraging.

“I cannot believe everything in the shop is already gone!”

Always one to show gratitude, Audrey concluded as follows:

Thank you for your commitments to continue spreading the message of ALWAYS MORE despite the shop closure.

This decision was a hard “letting go,” but I’m excited for what it is going to create room for (specifically, more time to be a mom), and grateful for how the Lord has continued to affirm our shift in focus.

More time to be a mom? What could be more important, right?!?

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