Celebs React to Los Angeles Dodgers' World Series Victory

Champions once again! The Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series on Tuesday, and Hollywood’s biggest celebs could hardly contain their excitement.

After the Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 in Game 6, at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, Twitter erupted with celebratory messages and tributes.

“Congratulation @Dodgers! What a fantastic championship,” Tweeted former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The movie star also shared a video of himself delivering his best take on announcer Vin Scully’s iconic kick-off phrase, “It’s time for Dodger baseball.”

Congratulations @Dodgers! What a fantastic championship. For the Dodgers fans out there, here’s my attempt at #ITFDB from earlier in the playoffs. pic.twitter.com/BLzHF8Dw9d

Meanwhile, LeBron James — who recently led the Los Angeles Lakers to their NBA Championship earlier this month, celebrated the win, while lamenting the impossibility of throwing a parade.

“Man can we PLEASE have a parade!!! I know I know we can’t but DAMN I wanna celebrate with our @Lakers & @Dodgers fans!!! LA is the city of CHAMPIONS 🏆🏆” James wrote.

Man can we PLEASE have a parade!!! I know I know we can’t but DAMN I wanna celebrate with our @Lakers & @Dodgers fans!!! LA is the city of CHAMPIONS ??

“This. Makes. Me. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Happy. 😭🙌 Congrats @dodgers,” Zachary Levi wrote along side an image of the team photoshopped to look like a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “What a doozie of a year.”

Meanwhile, Alyssa Milano evoked her outspoken political beliefs with her subtle yet clever tweet that read simple, “Blue Wave #Dodgers.” She also shared a flashback snapshot of herself rocking a Dodgers jersey years ago, and wrote, “TEARS! Woooooohoooooo! Thank you, #Dodgers!”


This. Makes. Me. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Happy. ?? Congrats @dodgers. What a doozie of a year.

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Blue wave. #Dodgers

TEARS! Woooooohoooooo! Thank you, #Dodgers! pic.twitter.com/SnCjQJDadA

Here’s how some other famous Dodger fans and baseball lovers celebrated the exciting victory.


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'55, '59, '63, '65, '81, '88, and now 2020.
What a year. What a season. What a team.
Congratulations @Dodgers

#Dodgers End of tweet pic.twitter.com/TdsxkvXWyH

Congrats to the Los Angeles Dodgers! Ending a 32 year drought! Great to see!

Fav memory is seeing my brothers dance to “Dodger Blue” https://t.co/puDJSwpfdD after winning the championship ON my brothers birthday. #WorldSeries ?

sobbing. go dodgers. we did it. we needed this. i love you, los angeles.

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!! Sing it!! #[email protected]@Dodgerspic.twitter.com/TMjtbXMFBi

Today my Daughter said her first word…“Daddy.” The Dodgers won the World Series. Vin Scully liked my tweet. If Chumbawumba released a new single, this would be the greatest day of my life pic.twitter.com/QX6qGjNQiE


congrats, @Dodgers! pic.twitter.com/Lr1KlvZAzq

Congrats, @Dodgers! ?? https://t.co/78iYRwwz3s

City of Champions: Huge congrats to our guys that finished their job ??#LakeShow | #LATogetherpic.twitter.com/eMoTYc9bsn

And this one is for the haters.

It was the Lakers 32nd time in the finals.

And the Dodgers ain’t won the chip in 32 years

24+8=32 pic.twitter.com/SZ3JPgbxev

Congrats Dodgers!

Congratulations @Dodgers!

We call dibs on the next LA championship. pic.twitter.com/M2yyeM0T68

This is the Dodgers’ seventh World Series title in the franchise’s history, and their first since 1988. The Dodgers previously made it to the World Series in 2017 and 2018, but lost to the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox, respectively.

This marks the second recent major sports victory for Los Angeles, after the L.A. Lakers won the NBA Championship on Oct. 11.

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