Celia Walden jokes Susanna Reid was a better wife to Piers Morgan than her

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Piers Morgan's real wife and TV wife came face to face on Thursday's Good Morning Britain, where Celia Walden said Susanna Reid was a better partner to him than she was.

Celia was a guest on her husband's former show to promote her new novel Payday, where she joked with his ex-colleague Susanna about the best ways of dealing with the outspoken star.

Piers left the show in March when he stormed out live on-air after a row over comments he made about Meghan Markle and this week his rant was cleared by Ofcom, who rejected the 58,000 complaints received.

As Susanna introduced Celia as "the real wife", Celia told her: "As I was always saying, you were a far better wife than I was and there were moments when I thought, 'Susanna would know how to deal with this'.

"I love that people tried to play up this rivalry between me and Susanna and I was like no, you should hear the conversations we had."

Ben Shephard, sitting in Piers' old seat, asked Celia: "Have you missed that banter then, of having the extra wife to take out his ire?"

She joked: "Well I do think if you could please just have him back. He'll probably just storm on at any minute anyway so I hope you've got security primed outside."

Talking about her time working with Piers, Susanna added: "We used to discuss the fact he was like a toddler, I would look after him like daycare and then hand him back to you."

Piers has continued with his ITV interview series Life Stories since leaving GMB and was rumoured to be joining GB News, but so far has not taken on any new regular presenting work since he quit.

Celia said: "He's got some irons in the fire and I don't think he'll be kicking around the house for much longer. I think that's probably enough now.

"Although it was fun turning the tables this morning, leaving the snooze button on which was always a pet hate of mine, slamming every door in the house very early this morning, that was fun."

On how she'd been coping with having Piers around the house more, Celia said: "I'm not going to lie, it's been a challenge."

But she added that they rarely argued, saying: "He used to expend so much energy on the show he would flatline when he got home and just lie on the sofa."

Talking about the recent Ofcom ruling clearing Piers, she said: "Piers is very jubilant today, the Ofcom statement was strong and robust so that's great."

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