Dan Walker admits eccentric breakfast habit after six years on BBC show

BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker and Sally Nugent open the show

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Like Storm Eunice, Dan Walker left fans in a whirlwind when he announced in the midst of the storm that he was “considering leaving all current jobs” to pursue a career filming plane landings for Big Jet TV. However, in spite of his humorous joke, the BBC Breakfast star has made it clear he intends to stick around for some time to come – and that he appreciates all of the “breakfast love”.

I don’t see myself going anywhere soon

Dan Walker

There was some uncertainty during Dan’s mysterious absence from the show earlier in the month, shortly after making ambiguous comments about quitting, although it turned out he was simply enjoying a half-term break with his family in Italy.

Dan had previously told the Mirror that he’d expected there’d be “no chance” of continuing on the show beyond the five year mark – but now he has surpassed it.

Attributing his success on Strictly Come Dancing to supporters who watch him on his morning show, he has revealed the “breakfast love” means he’s unlikely to leave anytime soon.

“On Strictly… I was in the bottom two or three every single week (judges scores) [but was] never in the dance off,” he marvelled of his good fortune.

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“Now a lot of that is because [I’d] got the [BBC] Breakfast love.

“So you’ve got your audience of people who buy stuff who vote and who donate.

“And when you meet them on the street or when you go to events or whatever, that they’re all lovely.

“Really kind, really generous and just appreciate the relationship they have with you in the morning.”

He added that building on the warm relationship between himself and the public is what he would “love to do”.

Today marks exactly six years since Dan took to the nation’s TV screens in place of Bill Turnbull, and he is still relishing the role.

“I genuinely don’t know [how long I might stay],” he explained.

“Honestly, I can’t say I’ll be here for 10 years because who knows?


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“I think I told you before, I definitely wouldn’t stay as long as Bill Turnbull’s been knocking about for.

“I love new challenges, but I love this challenge – and I really love the programme and… working with the people so I don’t see myself going anywhere soon.”

Admitting that he was thankful for his “huge loyal audience”, Dan – who presents alongside Sally Nugent each morning – also revealed an eccentric breakfast trait which most will not have been aware of.

He claims his culinary routine tends to stay exactly the same until he makes a change around every two years.

Elaborating on the bizarre pattern, he explained: “I had two years of porridge when I started because the first morning they said, ‘What do you want?’. I said, ‘What can you get?’ And [my fellow worker] said: ‘Porridge.’ So I had porridge for two years.

“And then one day she said ‘You know, you can have something else.’ After two years. And I went, ‘And what else is there?’ She goes: ‘You can have toast and peanut butter.’

“So all right I’ll have that… I had that for two years. And then she said ‘There is other stuff up there,’ and I said, ‘What else have they got?’ She said, ‘They’ve got this like yogurt and granola thing.’ So I’ll have that. And I’ve had that for the last year and a half now!”

He added jokingly: “I’m not a robot, but that’s just what I do.”

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