Danny Trejo Worried Coronavirus Could Spread Like Crazy in Jail

Danny Trejo is seriously worried for inmates in Los Angeles County jail … he says coronavirus could spread like wildfire if officials don’t do enough to disinfect the filthy place.

We got the actor — who spent years in various prisons back in the day — at LAX Friday and asked about inmates fearing the worst in jail. Danny says jail is a potential coronavirus hot zone.

Danny says everyone is fighting coronavirus together, but it’s worse for people in jail, because of the extremely close quarters and dirty conditions.

As Danny explains it, when the flu hits a jail or prison, everyone catches it, and coronavirus could hit even harder. He says the inmates in jail have it the worst, because they can’t isolate themselves like someone in prison.

As we reported … guys getting sprung from L.A. County Men’s Jail say authorities are not telling them about coronavirus or how to prevent it, and they dispute official’s accounts that sanitation efforts are being ramped up.

Aside from the filthy jail cells and holding areas, Danny says another danger facing inmates are handshakes. He explains why it’s disrespectful not to dap up other inmates, and why it poses a coronavirus nightmare.

Danny agrees with Dr. Oz and Rev. Runfist bumps are the way to go.

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