Davina McCall was rushed to hospital in her 20s as she opens up on drug overdose

Davina McCall has bravely opened up about suffering from a drug overdose in her 20s, which led to her being rushed to hospital.

The presenter explained that drugs took her to a ‘very, very, very dark place,’ and recalled the terrifying night she overdosed.

‘It was very frightening as it was a very gradual overdose. I’d had a cocktail of drugs, because I didn’t want to feel normal,’ she recalled.

‘I was constantly trying to escape myself — I was like a piece of fruit rotting from the inside.’

Speaking at The Sun on Sunday’s International Women’s Day event, she added: ‘So then I thought, “Well, I’ll just take a valium”, and the next thing I knew I woke up in hospital. At my lowest point, when I was filled with self hatred, it was literally a case of “get clean, or die”.’

Davina went on to say that she began to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and had quit drugs within a year, before mentioning that she still sometimes goes if she feels she needs it.

In recent years, The Masked Singer star has been open about finding joy in working out.

In fact, her passion has seen her through some of the toughest times in her life, with her previously revealing that it helped following her sister’s death.

‘One in two of us is going to end up with cancer. Cancer used to play on my mind,’ she explained to The Mirror.

‘Quite close to Caroline’s death I definitely would think about every niggle, “Oh, is this cancer?”.’

However, the TV star has changed her mindset, and put all her energy into staying fit.

‘Now I just think I am doing everything I can to stay fit and healthy… and life is what it is.’

Worried about drugs?

Frank offers confidential advice about drugs and addiction (email [email protected], message 82111 or call 0300 123 6600) or the NHS has information about getting help.

Adfam has local groups for families affected by drugs and alcohol and DrugFam offers phone and email support to people affected by other people’s drug or alcohol misuse.

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