Duchess Kate did a very suspicious pap-stroll in London wearing turquoise blue

It’s been clear for a very long time now that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge absolutely hate that Harry and Meghan are so glamorous, hard-working and charismatic. William and Kate have done everything they can to smear them and drive the Sussexes out of the country out of pure, naked, petty jealousy. Of course it was interesting to see the “timing” of the Cambridges’ Ireland tour, but I shrugged off the coincidence because who really knows? But I can’t shrug this off: for the first time in years, Kate was mysteriously “pap’d” out and about in London. These were not photos taken by some bystander who caught a glimpse of Kate grocery shopping. No, this was a set-up pap stroll, done with a friendly photographer and sold as an exclusive to a photo agency. You can tell because the photographer got clear and close photos of Kate with all of the important labels sticking out. You can see the photos here:

— Daily Mail U.K. (@DailyMailUK) March 7, 2020

Someone pointed this out on Twitter, but isn’t it INTERESTING that not only did Kate get pap’d for the first time in years, but she did her pap stroll on the same weekend that Meghan and Harry had events, AND Kate wore the same shade of blue as Meghan’s notable and outstanding Victoria Beckham dress? Someone please tell CopyKate to make her single-white-female-ing less obvious the next time. As for the coat, it’s a Mulberry coat which has been in her closet for four years or so. She must have gone through her wardrobe to see if she had anything in the same shade of blue.

In addition to the pap stroll, obviously someone in Kate’s office had to confirm some details to the Daily Mail: Kate went shopping for books at Waterstones. She bought a stack of history and military-themed kids’ books. And she opened her own car door. So many broken protocols! I eagerly await all of the articles about it.

Meanwhile, did you hear that William and Kate might NOT go to Australia now? They were loosely planning a tour in Australia to visit the areas affected by the devastating bushfires. But now it looks like the loose plan is under review, mostly because of the coronavirus. The same coronavirus that William was hee-hawing about it in Ireland, because people dying from a massive flu epidemic is HILARIOUS.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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