Ed Sheeran Fires Back at Neighbors Complaining About His Home Renovations

The ‘Castle on the Hill’ singer has broken his silence regarding multiple complaints over the upgrades he has done on his countryside property in Suffolk, England.

AceShowbizEd Sheeran wishes people would “mind their own business” when it comes to his home upgrades.

The “Bad Habits” singer and his wife Cherry have been hit by objections a number of times from local residents, who raised concerns about the various changes he’s made or intended to make to his Suffolk estate – including proposals for a chapel, his own pub on the grounds, and a lake – and he admitted he can’t understand why he’s been targeted so often.

He said, “D’you know the craziest one (planning dispute) for me, is the lake that I had dug. Well it’s essentially a pond that… I can show you pictures of it, it is grey filled with like tadpoles and swamp stuff- it’s not a swimming pool, it’s a lake… they make it look blue online like it does not look like that at all at all.”

“There’s no filter system it’s naturally cleaned itself with the plants that are in it. There’s a big thing about like wildlife and newts and blah, blah, blah.”

“Before it was there, it was like a ploughed field. So there is way more wildlife there now it’s surrounded by this.”

“Fourteen thousand trees that were planted, which is great for the environment. There’s load of animals. We let the meadow grow up. All the animals look.”

“I just think people just need to mind their own business.”

The estate has been dubbed “Sheeranville” but Ed insisted the naming had nothing to do with him, and his own choice of moniker for his home was denied.

He told Fleur East on Hits Radio, “I didn’t name it that. I actually tried to change the name of it to The Shire ’cause I love The Hobbit. But it got denied.”

Ed’s comments come after it was revealed the “Shape of You” singer faces being investigated by the local council after someone objected to a wooden gazebo they spotted in the background of one of his Instagram videos.

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