Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik baby: What can the first time parents expect?

Last month rumours circulated that supermodel Gigi Hadid and former One Direction star Zayn Malik were expecting a baby together. TMZ announced the pregnancy as the singer celebrated her 25th birthday on Instagram late last month. Gigi later confirmed the rumours were true while appearing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, via a video call.

While appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight show, the Supermodel said: “Obviously, you know, we wish we could’ve announced it on our own terms, but we’re very excited and happy and grateful for everyone’s well wishes and support.”

Gigi added: “Especially during this time, it’s a silver lining to be together and experience it day by day.”

The father of two also gave Gigi some parenting advise of his own telling her the best thing to do it to enjoy it.

Jimmy said: “I will tell you this. Tons of people will give you advice like ‘Oh they grow up so fast, enjoy it,’ and I don’t want to be that person because they are kind of right.”

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In celebration of Mother’s day this past weekend, Gigi shared a picture of her and her mother where Gigi went on to say how she wishes she could be just as good of a parent.

Gigi captioned the image: “Best I could ever ask for. Happy Mother’s Day to the one I’ll do my best to emulate. I love you beyond words @yolanda.hadid you are a superhero!!!!!”

But what can Gigi and Zayn expect as first-time parents? spoke to Anthony Ioannou from Abacus Ark to see what the couple can expect from parenthood.

Anthony said: “For most parents, having a first child is one of the most daunting things imaginable.

“Not only are you faced with the prospect of a new person for whom you are solely responsible, it’s not until you are actually in the thick of it do you know how it will impact your relationship with each other, your relationship with your family and friends and just importantly, your own personal mental wellbeing.

“Gigi is very sensitive and nurturing, in addition, it has been publicly stated that she has the support of her own mother with whom she is currently in lockdown along with Zayn.

“These are all great signs that she will take to this like a duck to water.

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“It’s fair to say that women get a head start when it comes to building a connection with their child as they spend nine months pregnant.

“It will be more interesting to see how Zayn copes with what many men find a shock.

“During the first few months, men can often struggle to find a role outside of just doing what they’re told.

“During lockdown, with the presence of Gigi’s mother, will Zayn feel a little isolated or useless? Will Gigi’s mother allow him to have a role? Will he have the support network around him to help him deal with the transition?

“What we can say for sure is, with social distancing in place, the temptation to deal with the change by removing yourself from the environment is not going to be an option.

“In my opinion, Zayn is the person we’re going to need to be looking out for. We wish them all the happiness that a new family brings.”

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