Here Are All of The References of Demi Lovato’s Past In Her ‘I Love Me’ Music Video

Demi Lovato released her new song and music video for “I Love Me“ last night and there are so many references you may or may not have missed.

The 27-year-old’s new track is all about loving yourself and how hard we are on ourselves.

“I can’t put into words just yet what this past year for me has been… but this song focuses on a lot of what’s been going on in my head. We have good days, and we have bad days. The best we can do is be the best version of ourselves and celebrate that with those closest to us,” Demi shared on Instagram.

In the music video, Demi literally walked through some major moments of her past, including Camp Rock and her hospitalization in 2018. She also showed references to her love of jiu-jitsu, and her Fabletics collaboration.

At the end of the video, Demi had a few cameos from her current friends and team around her, including her BFFs Sirah and Matthew Scott Montgomery.

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