Jenelle Evans: Did David Eason Kill Her Dog AGAIN!?

Lots of big things happening lately with Jenelle Evans, huh?

But we imagine she didn’t think a dog murder conspiracy would be in the cards!

Or, like, a second dog murder conspiracy.

What a life this girl leads.

The big story for Jenelle this month should have been about the long custody battle with her mother over her son, Jace.

Just a few days ago, she revealed that he’d moved in with her full-time, and reliable sources claimed that sometime this week, she and Barbara would be signing papers to make the change official.

But then other reliable sources alleged that this wasn’t true, that Jace had just been staying with Jenelle a bit more to give him a little change of scenery while he does his virtual learning for school.

We’re still not sure what exactly is happening with all of that, but we’ll have to put it on the back burner, because we’ve got some new stuff to figure out.

OK, so you know Jenelle’s dog, Rosey?

She got Rosey, a goldendoodle puppy, about a year ago — this was when she was living in Nashville, after she’d left David when all the dust settled from his brutal killing of her last puppy, Nugget.

But then she got back together with David, so the whole gang, Rosey included, moved back to the swamp in North Carolina.

Months went by without incident — or at least without incidents that we heard about — but now, something very fishy is going on.

Because Rosey may have been replaced with a doppelganger.

On Monday, Jenelle announced in a now-deleted Facebook post that Rosey “ran away” on Saturday.

A few hours later, she updated the post to say that the dog had come home — good news, right?

Except she suspiciously removed all the old photos of the dog from her social media pages, and when she shared new ones, her followers noticed that Rosey looked quite a bit different than they remembered.

So different that she has a whole new nose — in all the older photos, her nose was black, but now it’s pink.

Some people think she also has a different look altogether, that she looks less like a goldendoodle, a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle, and more like just a regular poodle.

Jenelle has denied this, saying that the dog in the new photos is definitely Rosey and that her nose is pink instead of black because of the two days of hard living she experienced when she was missing.

She also said that David had to give her a quick trim because her fur was matted, and that’s another reason why she looks like a different dog.

But even if all that were true, why would she delete all the old photos of Rosey?

The popular theory is that something happened to Rosey — most people seem to think that David could have had something to do with this, but she could have actually ran away — and Jenelle got a replacement dog that looked similar enough.

She then removed all the old photos of the old Rosey so that no comparisons could be made.

(And yeah, of course there are photos of the dog elsewhere on the internet, including David’s own Instagram, but Jenelle has never been too great with understanding that sort of thing.)

And that could all be nonsense of course, Jenelle could be telling the truth and we’re all making something out of nothing.

But the thing is that even if she is telling the truth and the Rosey in the new photos is actually Rosey, then it looks like the poor dog had been extremely neglected.

Look at the photo of her under the Christmas tree and then look at these new photos — that’s a big change in her appearance in just a month, right?

So no matter what happened, this is yet another story about Jenelle being a bad dog owner.

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