Jenelle Evans Responds to Critics: My Psychotic Husband NEEDS to Carry a Gun to the Grocery Store!

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are both very violent people.

They’ve both been arrested numerous times after committing acts of violence, and the fact that neither of them is currently serving hard time is a mystery to many of us.

In the two years since David was fired from MTV, he’s been involved in so many violent altercations that it can be hard to keep track of them all.

There was, of course, the time he beat and shot the family dog in front of hic kids, prompting a CPS investigation that cost him custody of his children.

And there was the more recent incident in which David pistol-whipped one of Jenelle’s friends.

That one landed Eason in court, but yet again, he somehow avoided any major consequences.

Just last week, Eason was in court for a 2019 incident in which he towed another driver’s car without permission.

And we don’t mean he called a tow truck on an illegally parked neighbor.

No, we mean that David used his car to pull someone else out of their parking place.

He went to court last week for those charge, and he appears to have emerged scot-free.

It’s incredible that Eason is not currently behind bars, but it’s even more incredible that he hasn’t had his freedom curtailed in any way.

Not only is David still in possession of many, many guns, he still carries a sidearm on his hip at all times.

He’s strapped when he walks around his property (never know when a vicious French bulldog puppy might jump out at you!), and as Jenelle reminded us this week, he’s strapped when he goes to the grocery store.

Jenelle’s latest Instagram Live session begins with her telling fans that she was “kicked off” or TikTok and informed that her video featured “something controversial.”

It’s at about that time that David wanders into the frame with a gun on his hip.

As she unpacks her groceries, Jenelle plays dumb and acts like she doesn’t know why she was kicked off of TikTok.

“I know what it is,” David tells the camera, seemingly boasting about the fact that he got his wife suspended from TikTok, which is her primary source of income these days.

From there, it’s pretty much the typical Jenelle and David content, with her complaining about how much weight she needs to lose while loading her fridge with unhealthy food, and him mugging for the camera and trying to be funny.

“That dude should not be able to carry a weapon at all,” one user commented on the clip.

Evans replied to the remark, saying “there isn’t any reason why he shouldn’t apparently.”

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Yes, she actually added “apparently,” as though she’s as shocked as we are that this violent maniac is allowed to carry his Glock at the local Piggly-Wiggly.

We’re sure Jenelle and David know where they stand with the law, and we actually believe them when they say David is allowed to open carry.

Which we’re fearful of the day when it will be too late to take David’s gun away.

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