Julia Roberts is ‘all in’ for her skin this spring, plus more news

Julia Roberts is is ‘all in’ for her skin this spring

Julia Roberts got in on the growing trend of face-mask selfies on Instagram over the weekend, but her mask had nothing to do with coronavirus fears — or Halloween, which we gotta say would be equally appropriate given the hilarious photo she posted. “March, I’m all in!” Julia captioned a shot of herself wearing the massive white mask over the weekend. According to People, the mask, made by Aduro, is a red, LED light therapy device intended to attack wrinkles and increase collagen production. LED light therapy has been a staple in dermatologists’ offices for ages, People, reports, but has recently become a go-to part of some at-home beauty regimes. “LED light is essentially acting like the sun to a plant,” dermatologist Marnie Nussbaum, MD, explained in a 2019 Vogue story. “It is penetrating the skin to a cellular level and subsequently causing different intra- and intercellular reactions.” Julia’s next big project is expected to be “Gaslit,” a story about the Watergate scandal based on the 2017 podcast “Slow Burn.” Julia plays whistlebower Martha Mitchell opposite Sean Penn, who plays Richard Nixon’s attorney, John Mitchell, in the film.

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