June Shannon: Daughters Go From Not to Hot With Plastic Surgery!

The infamous and deeply troubled Mama June Shannon looks like death itself in the new From Not to Hot: Family Crisis trailer.

Two of her daughters, however, are about to look way better — because they just spent a small fortune on cosmetic surgeries.

So often, when we speak of Mama June’s kids, we’re talking about Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson and Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon.

But June actually has four daughters, including Anna Cardwell and Jessica Shannon.

According to TMZ, Anna and Jessica went to Los Angeles on Friday, February 28.

There, the two of them both received cosmetic procedures designed to enhance their looks.

Anna reportedly got a breast lift and implants.

Thanks to those implants, she is going from a B cup to a D cup.

Her surgeon was Dr. Michael K Obeng.

And that’s just one of the procedures that she underwent.

Anna received 16 veneers from Dr. Aamir Wahab.

Veneers are healthy-looking, clean-looking tooth layers of material placed over the natural tooth.

June Shannon’s children did not have the best start in life when it came to dental hygiene, but it can be fixed.

For both procedures, Anna’s tab ran a grand total of $47, 450.

Anna has had two children.

She has also gone through a divorce, which can be both wildly un-fun and a huge blow to one’s self-esteem.

TMZ‘s inside source tells them that Anna wanted to feel her best, which means looking her best.

Hey, whatever she needs to feel her best. Apparently, she can afford it.

Meanwhile, Jessica has lost a whopping 45 pounds, going down from 230 to 185.

Her secret? A weight loss balloon in her stomach from Dr. Samuel Kashani.

Jessica has undergone liposuction on her back, flanks, and bra area.

That lipo work and her tummy tuck were performed by Dr. Obeng.

Dr. Wahab also fitted her with 8 veneers of her own.

Jessica’s motives are that she hopes to work as a plus size model.

She is also hoping to lasso herself a man.

We hope that the $80,895 price tag on the procedures that she underwent were worth it and give her everything that she desires.

Unfortunately, it will take more than a surgeon’s deft hands to mend the Shannon family.

June’s spiral into bad behavior captivated and horrified fans throughout 2019.

She was arrested in possession of crack cocaine, refused and intervention, and proceeded to dismantle her entire life.

June trashed her home before she sold it well below market value. And she didn’t do it alone.

Geno Doak may not be the sole villain of this story, but he is certainly the primary antagonist of the story of Shannon’s descent.

She was previously a millionaire. Now, she’s been seen pawning jewelry just to get quick cash.

She’s been kicked out of hotels for failure to pay the bill, though it gets much worse.

Shannon and Geno have allegedly gotten into scary, bloody fights and trashed hotel rooms.

Everyone is so afraid that the “next” June update will be the last.

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