Kacey Musgraves Selling Stage-Worn Clothes To Benefit Nashville Tornado Relief

Kacey Musgraves is selling her stage-worn clothes on celebrity clothing seller Stage to Closet to help victims of the Nashville tornadoes.

“Heartbroken for East Nashville. I lived on this side of town (in this neighborhood until recently) for years. Many friends are severely affected. Thankful to be ok and thinking of those who aren’t,” Musgraves wrote on Instagram Tuesday about the calamity that claimed 25 lives.

Musgraves originally planned to sell her clothes to raise money for Tennessee urban forest preservation, but after the Nashville tragedy, the singer said the “tornado relief efforts need help first.”

Earlier in the day, Musgraves informed her fans that she and her family are safe.

“We did live right in one of the worst hit spots a matter of months ago. It’s so crazy. I’m so nervous to find out who the fatalities are. Nashville is so tight knit. I’m gonna help in any way I can,” the singer tweeted.

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