Katy Perry is PREGNANT, Expecting First Child With Orlando Bloom!

A little over a year ago, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announced their engagement. Now, all eyes are on Katy.

What has people looking up a Katy Perry music video in the year 2020? Well, she has a huge announcement — and a baby bump to go with it.

"never worn white" katy perry still 01

At around midnight on Wednesday night, Katy Perry’s “Never Worn White” music video premiered.

She spent time on social media beforehand teasing the announcement for her fans.

Katy even went on Instagram Live to build up hype for her followers — and to address the obvious questions after the video premiered.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, the video itself is gorgeous.

"never worn white" katy perry still 02

Katy’s famous vocals don’t begin until almost exactly the 3 minute mark.

Don’t get us wrong — she’s singing the whole time. She’s just not using her voice at full power, as it were, until the song builds up to that point.

We see Katy wearing a white dress and singing.

If you have great depth perception, it’s easy to note that the dress is not concave over her midsection as she faces forward, but convex.

The song itself, even when her vocals are at their strongest, isn’t exactly a bop. That’s not necessarily an insult.

Our guess is that Katy hopes that it becomes a go-to wedding song, perhaps for the bride and groom’s first dance.

It’s not as inspirational or powerful as “Firework” or “Rise,” and it’s not as catchy as “Roar.” That’s fine.

Sometimes a romantic ballad designed for a slow dance between people in love is just that, and doesn’t have to be anything else.

"never worn white" katy perry still 03

The “Never Worn White” mustic video itself serves a more important purpose — as a delivery vehicle for Katy Perry’s baby bump.

As we noted, it’s a little bit visible in wide shots of her white dress. Not so much when she’s covered in flowers.

But towards the end, Katy stands in profile, showing off her very visible baby bump.

The see-through fabric does nothing to hide the singer’s pregnant belly.

On Instagram Live, Katy Perry confided in fans that this was “probably the longest secret” that she has “ever had to keep.”

“There’s a lot that will be happing this summer,” she announced.

“Not only will I be giving birth — literally — but also figuratively,” Katy teased, “to something you guys have been waiting for.”

She is of course referring to her upcoming album.

"never worn white" katy perry still 04

In case it was not obvious, Orlando Bloom is the baby daddy.

If you watched Carnival Row, you know that he’s still got it, twenty years after becoming a household name.

Katy has done very well for herself.

“We’re excited and happy,” she gleefully announced to her followers.

Katy shared that she has been craving spiciness — well, Tobasco sauce, which is close enough — during her pregnancy.

She also munched on dried mango during the chat.

One thing that she can no longer tolerate is red meat, particularly beef.

“Thank God for the Impossible Burger,” Katy expressed.

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