Kelly Dodd to Tamra Judge: I DARE You to Come Back to the Show, Bish!

Even as the Season 15 cast was revealed, Andy Cohen allegedly told Tamra that she’ll return to RHOC next year.

Kelly Dodd is responding to the rumors — by issuing a challenge.

As we previously reported, Tamra Judge is considered very likely to return next year.

According to her, Andy Cohen told her to just bide her time, because he wanted her back on the show.

Notably, there was some misinformation, with people misinterpreting her words to think that she’s returning for this season.

Tamra said “next year” — which means that she’d return for Season 16, not for Season 15, folks.

Kelly Dodd has heard the same news that the rest of us have.

And remember, it was about one year ago that Tamra was recorded parroting a rumor that Kelly had pushed her mom down the stairs.

Speaking to HollywoodLife, she says exactly what she thinks of the woman who “accidentally” spread a violent rumor about her returning to the show.

“I’d challenge her to come,” Kelly announces.

Kelly does clarify that she’s joking and is not actually issuing a “challenge.”

“I don’t have a feeling one way or another, really,” she confides.

It sounds like, these days, she feels that Tamra and Vicki are in the same boat — a boat named Yesterday’s News.

Kelly explains: “I’m not even focused on them anymore.”

“I both wish them the best,” Kelly expresses towards Tamra and Vicki.

She adds: “It’s good luck with their families.”

“They’re not involved in my life,” Kelly clarifies.

That’s quite a change of tune from someone whose entire storyline once revolved around efforts to vanquish Vicki.

These days, Kelly says, she has other things on her mind.

“I’m really working hard to provide a life for my daughter and my fiance,” she affirms.

Kelly’s daughter, Jolie, is 13 years old.

And of course Kelly is engaged to Fox News journalist Rick Leventhal.

Of course, some fans believe that Kelly is deliberately shading Tamra.

See, with all of the buzz about Tamra being likely to return, no one is saying a thing like it about Vicki.

It seems that Kelly brought up Vicki and lumped Tamra in with her, as if they’re both equally has-beens.

Honestly, it may have just been accidental and not malicious. But with Kelly, one never knows.

Vicki spent 14 seasons on the show. Bravo bigwigs decided that enough was enough.

They wanted to shake up the cast, not just by giving a couple of longtime stars the boot, but by changing the dynamic among remaining stars.

Having Tamra return after a one-year sabbatical means having her return to a very different dynamic than the one to which she was accustomed.

That is especially true if, as is rumored, Braunwyn Windham-Burke will be the unofficial “star” of the new season.

Of course, Kelly will also have some major adjusting to do.

Her name is almost synonymous with her status as Vicki’s archrival, and this animosity has fueled her storyline for ages.

But like any supervillain who finds that they have won and vanquished their long-hated foe, she has to be asking herself: what do I do now?

Or, more accurately, how can she keep herself interesting without playing off of Kelly or Tamra. She can’t just bully Shannon the whole time.

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