Kenny Rogers’ Wife Shares Live Video Of ‘The Gambler’ On Late Icon’s Birthday

In celebration of what would have been Kenny Roger‘s 82nd birthday on Friday, the late country icon’s widow Wanda Rogers shared a gift with his fans in the form of a new live video of “The Gambler.”

“It seemed fitting that the first release from the estate would be one of Kenny’s most beloved songs,” Wanda Rogers said in a statement.
“‘The Gambler’ was one of Kenny’s biggest hits and his live performance of the track in concert was always a highlight of any show.”

“‘The Gambler’ became more than a song for Kenny, it became part of his persona,” she added. “This live recording from 1985 is Kenny at the top of his game.”

The live performance of “The Gambler,” which was recorded in Portland, Oregon, on April 13, 1985, will be included on the upcoming Rogers album, Greatest Hits Live.

(Photo: Eva Rinaldi)

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