Khloe Kardashian TRASHES Harry Jowsey Dating Rumors: I Dont Date White Dudes!

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are over for good.

(Right? Please? It looks that way but it’s looked that way before and the soul-crushing reconciliation feels worse every time)

A recent string of reports claimed that she was dating 24-year-old Too Hot to Handle star Harry Jowsey.

Harry’s one hot dude, but Khloe says that her controversial hands aren’t going anywhere near him.

This week, a fan account following the Kardashians and Jenners posted the rumor that Khloe had been chatting with Harry Jowsey.

Allegedly, the two had been “talking” over social media and “DM-ing back and forth.”

Jowsey is a hot Australian native and, according to the rumor that was posted, some of his recent photos backed up the claim.

The post even detailed that Jowsey had “picked up a Bentley and flowers just to deliver them to her house.”

Despite some of his own photographs appearing to back up part of that claim, Khloe quashed the story.

“ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE,” she wrote, replying directly to the fan post with an all caps denial.

It’s kind of funny, because if you very deliberately ignore the obvious, this guy seems right up Khloe’s alley.

First of all, he’s a younger guy.

Second of all, he’s an athlete. He’s also hot, but in a very jock kind of way — just as many of Khloe’s exes have been.

Harry Jowsey is also apparently in a relationship.

He is apparently happily in a relationship with Sveta Bilyalova, who was likely the recipient of those flowers.

That’s not evidence against Khloe’s interest, by the way. Tristan was in a relationship when she started up with him.

But … we do notice one little detail about Harry that doesn’t match up with any of Khloe’s exes.

Several years ago, Khloe claimed to have “never seen a white penis.”

It was not a confession to only having sex in the dark. It was a reference to the way that she fetishizes Black men and their bodies.

Khloe’s sexualization of Black men is so infamous that she apparently felt comfortable using the whole N-word on camera.

Yes, with the hard R. There’s no good version of the N-word, but that’s definitely the worst.

Recently resurfaced clips of Khloe’s racism circulated just a few weeks ago, in fact.

We don’t mean to use Khloe’s denial of this relationship to talk about her history of fetishizing Black bodies … but you kind of have to.

One cannot have an honest conversation about Khloe’s relationship history or her statements about it without discussing the underlying racism.

Not all of the Kardashians are guilty of this, but some of them are, and many consider Khloe to be the worst and boldest offender.

Dating Black men is not the same as objectification. But for a white woman to only date Black men sure is.

(There are other demographics where this same fetishization occurs, including among white gay men)

Reducing an entire demographic of people to their bodies and skin tone is dehumanizing, even if it is meant to be flattering.

Khloe’s past statements of horrifying ignorance and worse cannot be undone, but she can do better now.

She has a beautiful daughter, True Thompson.

Perhaps having a Black daughter and considering how she wants her little girl to be perceived will help Khloe to grow as a person.

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